Sunday, November 28, 2010

Angie's top; RRCB part 2; Cass's birthday; Stash Report Nov. 22-28

Angie's (70" x 88") -- yeah, it's sideways...

Well, the top is as big as it's going to get. I've used just about ALL the fabric I purchased for the top and I'll have JUST enough backing to fit it. (5 yards worth; washed & dried, but not pressed or cut yet.) SO---NAME IDEAS?!?!?!?

And I attempted to kill two birds today...I spent about 45 minutes cutting and prepping for Bonnie Hunter's RRCB mystery part 2 this morning and used the units as my leaders-enders today. I have 9 of the 30 completed from the leaders-enders today. I'll keep them as l/e as I start working on In Flight again.

On a family note: Today Cassie turned 10 years old. As her birthday present, yesterday she and I went to Claire's boutique for her to have her ears pierced.

And finally, Stash Report November 22 - 28
Used/week: 8.75 yards
Purchased/week: 18.125 yards
{{It was a NEEDED purchase that will be gone by the end of next week!!! 5 yards backing for Angie's quilt, 6.625 yards for Angie's top; 4.5 yards backing for Twilight quilt; 2 yards camo for Travis}}

Used/year: 204.799 yards
Purchased/year: 209.403 yards

Net used: -4.604 yards
{{Yeah, in the red again, but not for long. AND I surpassed the 200 yard USED mark}}


Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to Cassie! I remember getting my ears pierced in middle school - it was such a big deal!

I really like the quilt you made for Angie.

The Quilting Pirate said...

Happy Birthday to Cassie - I love cupcakes :)

The top looks great!

It really does put your stash in perspective when you hold yourself accountable. Seeing your numbers, I was like YIKES, that's a lot of fabric and realized, I could have easily purchased 200 yards myself this past year. Keep up the good work!

Candace said...

The borders of your quilt look almost 3 dimensional, how about "Paisley in 3-D Squared". Silly I know.
Happy Belated birthday to Cassie!

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo for being in the red!!! :-D

The quilt looks great and Happy Birthday to Cassie!!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Cassie! Ahh the first ear piercing! I remember that so well...didn't need a parent's permission back then...I got my second holes at 13 and that was that...back then we knew when to stop!
I love the quilt but I really stink at name calling! Is it a Disappearing 9 Patch?

scraphappy said...

Your browns for RRCB are just too darn cute. Angie's quilt turned out great, it kind of resembles bowties to me, I always go for alliteration, so I'd try something like teal ties or paisley parade, but I'm terrible at names. I am NOT telling my girls that you let Cassie get her ears pierced. I'm having that argument with my 7 year old and she is just relentless. Hope you get a little calm time soon.