Friday, November 26, 2010

Ummmm.....WHEN is Christmas???

7:44 PM texting conversation between myself and my BIL on Thanksgiving evening....

BIL: How long does it take you to make a quilt?
Me: Depends on a few things...what you have in mind?
BIL: I need two of them. Make them simple. Just want them warm and big. Like queen size. I will pay you up front.
Me: By Xmas I'm assuming?
BIL: Is that not good?
Me: Just being honest...I can't promise anything, BUT may be doable. Who for? girl? boy? woman?? ;0) color preference?
BIL: For me and Angie (girlfriend). Camo for me; pinks? for Ang
Me: k. I'm shopping at Hancock's tomorrow...I'll keep you guys in mind.
BIL: Thanks!

So much for having some laid back quilting weeks preceding Christmas!!! ;0)
A simple disappearing nine-patch is being planned for Angie, his girlfriend. For his??? golly! Looked around for Camo today and bought some.....he wants it heavy, so I went heavy! Denim-type camo and denim-type black fabric; I'm thinking of simple 8-10" squares with black sashings like lattice strips....


Went shopping with mother today; took our time; no crazy business; hit the road around 8:00 am and arrived back home around 4:30 pm. Stops along the way: Walmart, Target, Bath-n-Body, a little brunch, Younkers, Menards, Dunham's Sports, and we ended at Hancock Fabrics. Purchased a lot off my lists; THAT feels good! Sorry no parents don't have wireless and I'm not about to figure out how to upload on their machines....

Yeah...LOTS of fabric purchased, BUT most will be cut up in the next couple of weeks, so...I'm okay with that. I ONLY purchased what I needed for the two new quilts. REALLLLLLY like the colors I chose for BIL's girlfriend! Bluey-teals with a slight bit of orange and splattered with browns. to peek at Bonnie's part 2!!! :0)

Heading home tomorrow around noonish; should arrive home around 3:00. Unpack, start laundry (news fabs first, of course!!!)...maybe put up the Christmas tree????


jillquilts said...

WOW!!! Sounds like a comment I got last night... "Where's Granma's new quilt???" Ummm..... still in pieces at my house, but you are welcome to come over and assist!! HA!! I'm still on my own. lol

Good luck!! Have a safe trip home!

Tracy said...

You are amazing! I get overwhelmed just thinking about making a quilt, much less TWO queen sized ones! You go girl! I'm impressed and can't wait to see the fabric!

Candace said...

Aren't non-quilters funny, lol. At least he realized that it 'might' be a little short notice. It is fun though to make quilts for people who want one enough to ask. Queen sized, thank goodness for your new frame and Juki and your new sewing room, there will surely be some stirring going on at your house (not a creature was stirring). Of course, I'm sure these will be added to other things you've got going on, can't wait to see everything.

Alycia said...

Ummm Sweetie - did you trade - so he can do your holiday cleaning and baking and chores, so all you do is sew? Goodness you are too nice *grin*

scraphappy said...

You are a very good sport. Be thankful that you quilt like the wind. Most people wouldn't have a prayer, but I have faith you can get it all done.