Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10-minute block! MOTIVATION was found!!!

While parking my butt last night, I perused some new sites I found via a "King-size quick quilt pattern" goggle search. (HEY! When suddenly THREE new quilts are sequestered in the same weekend, ONE MONTH from Christmas---the quilts need to be QUICK!) ;0)

Well....check out this 10-minute block video clip. It just seemed too slick NOT to try out immediately!!!!

V'iola....this is ABSO-TOOTIN-LUTELY a quick, simple and neat-o block! These fabrics have been sitting, waiting patiently since this summer when my SIL requested another "floofy" quilt. Remember that post???

If you visit that post, you'll see I took a pic of the originally planned pattern, but....eh......that one would have also been quick to piece, but.....I just really was impressed with this 10-minute block.

So, I grabbed a pencil and scrap paper to draft up a quick pattern. My plan (which may not be easily seen) is to alternate a lighter block with a darker block, with alternating light/dark sashings, pending what color block is next to it. {{did that even make sense????}} I think I have a name for this already too!! Jen's Diamonds.

Anyway...I whipped up two 10-minute blocks before closing up shop last night. And they'll need to just wait patiently on the side because my Connecting Threads shipment arrived today. I ordered some of the Essential Pro threads to try out on a customer quilt and so far, being three passes into the quilting, so good. NO thread breakage....very little lint so far. Once I'm finished with the quilt (Twilight), I'll give a complete review of the thread in case some of you have been curious about trying it out too. I REALLLY like Connecting Threads! I've ordered fabric a few different times......{{**sigh**}} and yeah.....this time too! I'm not really looking forward to figuring out my Stash Report for this week! YIKERS! {{I'm sure Jill won't mind it though. She'd love some company in the "red-world".}} :0)

So...took a little break to have a snack and some tea (and to update the blog). I'll see how far I can get with the quilting of Twilight tonight; I set Sunday as the deadline so it can be mailed out on Monday. I'm EASILY going to make that deadline :0)

OH GREAT! Now I need to find some wood to knock----knowing Murphy, my machine will probably go wacky on me so that I won't be able to finish this quilt, not to mention all the others that are awaiting completion before that glorious day 26 days from now!

Happy Tuesday!


Chl said...

that is such a cool idea. I have made this block in mini form -- as a spool and left it 3d, however, never thought of it this way. Something new to try. OOOOO the ideas are just a flowing. Hope I can remember them later when I don't have so many commitments!

scraphappy said...

I love your 10 minute block. I have done a very similar one, but with a slightly different color arrangement and it made a bowtie block. Quilting it was a bit tricky, it's easy to fold over the 3-D part. I love your layout. It will make a beautiful quilt.

Amanda said...

You've certainly got your hands full if you're going to get all those quilts made in the next four weeks. I certainly hope that everything goes along smoothly. I was really disappointed on Monday; I read about Connecting Threads Cyber Monday 50% off sale and gleefully set up an order (fabric has gone up again in the UK to about £10.99 a metre, that's about $17). And then I found that they don't ship outside of the US and Canada. Frustrating!

Candace said...

I saw the video on that block and was also intrigued. I'm anxious to see your quilt top finished. Everything should be ok with your machine, you knocked on wood.

jillquilts said...

Love that new block! I can't wait to see how you bring it together. And a big WOO HOO for being in the red! :-D

Tracy said...

I think I'll be trying this one...thanks for the link to it! I need something that goes together FAST!

Quilter Kathy said...

I hate when my brain gets dragged into a new neat idea...I am resisting looking at the video because then I'll be starting a new quilt...I just know it!! LOL