Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weeeee! Today WILL be a "me" day!

I know I'll come back to this post in as little as a month and say.....'WHAT was I thinking?!?!?!"


The first substantial snow of the season!!!! {{and as you can see, it's still coming down}}
{and WHAT ever happened to sleeping in on Saturdays?!?!?! I was wide awake at 5:50 AM....and stopped fighting the will to lull myself back to sleep at 6:10}} And THIS is what awaited my eyes....

DH was dutifully getting the yard snow-ready yesterday; we knew this snow was going to come. However, the deck toys didn't get put away yet. WILL be a ME day! I just told DH (who is also awake) that I hopes he doesn't mind the disarray of the house, because I ONLY have intentions of being downstairs today. His response...."I don't care."
Weeee!!!! Yippeeeee!!

I can't even tell you what I all have planned because (again) I haven't really been down there much. I know I have Judy's June Mystery on the floor yet.....but this Bonnie Mystery (Roll, roll, cottonboll ??) is probably going to see a little bit of time in the order of fabric selections. And then, I'm also thinking that Alycia's Veteran's Rail Fence quiltalong will also see some time today.

On a final note.....any of you wine drinkers? DH has added another "first" to his list of accomplishments and bottled his first batch of wine this week after allowing it to "brew" (? is that the word we use for wine????) for the past couple of months.

My analysis-----YUM! REALLY REALLY YUMMY! to print out some directions, and then, OFF to start my day.

Happy Snowy Saturday (depending where you live)


Amanda said...

Oh golly gosh, snow already! We're having true autumn weather; jolly chilly, lots of rain and wind, lots of blue skies and sunshine, some frost at night because of the clear skies. It sounds as if a day's sewing is exactly the right thing to be doing. My father used to make wine and it was okay, but not wonderful. DH is a red wine drinker and says that red wine made in the UK just doesn't have enough body. Sadly I've become allergic to alcohol so can't drink wine any more.

Candace said...

Have a fun day, I've followed your blog long enough to know that you'll get lots accomplished whether it is in the sewing room, with the girls, or just whatever needs doing at the time. Can't wait to see your RRCB fabrics. Your husband must be talented like you, looks like you'll need to be adding a wine area to your basement.

jillquilts said...

Yahoo!!! Does this mean that you are back to blog land?? :)

No snow for us here in Cincinnati... We have had temps in the 70s all week! Lovely!! I actually have my windows open today to get some fresh air! :)

Off to sew myself!

Tracy said...

Oh my...snow! It's in the 60's here...and I'm kinda glad! I just hope we don't have a winter like last years!
But snow on the ground and a day off sounds very cozy!