Friday, July 29, 2011

3 is better than 0 [2011 Running]

Recall my post last Thursday when I wrote about finally breaking my 6-mile rut by running 8 miles.

Well....I've gone COLD since then! Nadda in the running department. And you'd think....with the girls gone this week, that I'd be running up a storm!

**shaking head**

AND, the deep-fried egg rolls I've enjoyed this week.....oh dear. They may be sooooooooooo yummy, but certainly don't help drop those few pounds that would making running those longer miles easier :c(

I've found myself doing the "oh, I'll just wait until tomorrow and run a few extra miles" game all week. And last night, it was more of the same. I really SHOULD have stayed home to run instead of heading out on the lake with Paul, but I figured...."okay, NO excuses tomorrow! I must run! And make it worthy."

SO......ambitious this morning I was NOT. BUT....I started my day by feeding and watering the chickens. Those gals (and two boys) were a bit thankful; I think they've been neglected a bit too much since the girls are gone this week. The one boy actually stayed right by my feet and I was able to pet him without him running off. He gets picked on by the other "alpha" rooster. ..... Ummm...... is that how we refer to head roosters? Alpha?

Anyway, then I peered around the garden....and slowly I was convincing myself to just head out because it was a beautiful morning. Even if I only walked.....

For those of you who have even been at that mental state, you know that just accepting a walk....enough to get you often all that is needed to turn dragging feet into running feet. Oh....don't get my wrong! My feet were still dragging even though I was jogging; holding 10:30s-11:00's which is really what I simply need to accept as my pace right now. Long gone are the 9:00s-10:00s unless I start taking my training more seriously.

Today's graphic shows Heart Rate vs. Elevation. I am mentally preparing for and physically training to use the Run/Walk method. I plan to run 1.0 mile and then walk 0.1 mile. It was hard to finally accept this mentally, being the competitive person I am. BUT, I think it's what will get me to the finish line in two weeks. the good news!

I did my duty for the day already, so now I can play :0)


Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Aw, c'mon girl! If I can do 4 miles every other day, you can do more than 1 mile!!! I think you need to run again this afternoon/evening. ;0)

Andra Gayle said...

makes my 20 minute walk in the park look pathetic!

Andee said...

Way to go Amy! I have to get on my bike tonight after work...

Linda said...

I soooo understand your dragging feet. I often have that same problem. To combat laziness, I try to set personal goals and keep a chart (anal, huh?). Currently, I'm preparing to do a 6.2 mile run/walk on Aug. 14th, which happens to be my 62nd birthday!
Linda in Southern Illinois