Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strung out

Alrighty. I'm done for the day. Anyone who has made string blocks knows what kind of "organized chaos" occurs on the cutting mat and sewing table. Notice my two-handed coffee mug? Even some yummy coffee wasn't enough to keep me at the sewing machine after 8 hours of string piecing!

To wind down, I counted how many blocks I had completed so far....
- 39 completed fully (depapered and trimmed)
- 74 sewed, awaiting depapering and trimming
- TOTAL: 113.
- left to go: 55

Go back up and look at the first picture----see that yellow on the right side of my machine?

MANY of you have taken on Bonnie's Cheddar Challenge.....and as tempted as I am to drop my current L/E project to join in, I simply can't.

Instead, I have the Blue-n-Gold quilt as my L/E project. So many HSTs...I can't recall from the top of my head, but LOTS. I took a lil' bit of time today to press the HSTs I already sewed but haven't counted them.

I'm still hoping that Paul will be interested in boating/fishing when he gets home (....I think I just heard his truck door??.....) If so, I hope to go along with the strings AND the Blue-n-Gold HSTs in hand. I'll depaper the strings and trim off the dogears from the HSTs.

Hmmm.......yeah....pretty sure I heard Paul's door. Maybe he's prepping the boat before coming in the house????.....


Andee said...

SO JEALOUS of all that stringing progress! I am happy to have done some this morning and maybe I can finish mine tonight...lately have been watching Deadliest Catch at night (catching up on the whole season, don't ask!) and I was thinking I could cut the blocks instead of just sitting like a lump! I hope you are on the lake now..I am at work for one more hour (on break at the moment) but wishing I was on Long Lake or Lake Trego!

scraphappy said...

Great minds thinking alike again. After your earlier post I was inspired to pull out my strings. Gotta love the paper pulling -- love it or hate it -- it's up next!