Friday, July 15, 2011

Fitness Friday [2011 Running]

First, let me say.....Happy HARRY POTTER FRIDAY!!!! :0) Any of you joining the opening Box-Office craze??? I'd love to, but I think I'll wait to convince Paul into seeing it next weekend; or the following week when the girls are back at Grandma's for VBS week. I have had all the HP movies playing in the background as I've been quilting these past couple of days; I'm in the middle of #4: Goblet of Fire.

Next----ahhhhhhhhhh. Went out and ran my altered speed workout this AM at the school's track. One mile warm up, but then rather than running 3x1600M @8:40s, I ran 4x800M @ 4:10-4:20s. I recovered with 400M walks between each, and then finished with a mile cool down. Altogether, just shy of 6 miles, and despite all the walking recovery times, the entire workout (as a whole) came up as averaging 12:05 min/miles. NOT that I'm thinking of doing something like this over the duration of the half-marathon; those 800s weren't easy when it's been three years since I've really done any training.

This morning's run brought my total mileage up to 58.86, which surpasses my total mileage from 2009, the first year of my downward spiral :0(. Another 1-2 weeks, and I'll have surpassed my totals from 2009 and 2010 TOGETHER! :0) THANKS BETHANN!!!!!!! (SIL who gave me the push to sign up for the Marathon relay.) I reallllly needed to get back to running!

Amy @ Infinity Quilter shared the 100-mile challenge link with me, so I figured since I'm finally getting motivated again, I might as well submit my weekly mileage for that. It started July 1 (Friday), and I tallied 9 miles in the first week, and 13 this past week, for a total of 22. I usually am a Monday-to-Sunday recorder of my mileage, however since this challenge started on a Friday, I am now recording Friday-to-Thursday. So this morning's mileage will be included in next week's numbers. I'm hoping for some good numbers because I will take the day off running tomorrow and then plan a 8-mile long-run for Sunday. Ooooo...then is forecasting 85 LOWS with highs of almost 100 :0( Ugh....muggy and humid weather does NOT make for good running.


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Way to go surpassing your total mileage from 2009! What is your "normal" time per mile? If I just walk I'm about 15 minutes, but the 2 mile run I did the other week it was around 12.16. I was excited about it until I saw a lady I knew and she was doing like 10 min/mile. Ugh!