Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some purchases & Stash Report

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), I left for my parent's place to drop the girls off for a week of Vacation Bible School at my parent's church. This is the 4th year for Cassie to attend "Grandma's VBS" and the 3rd for both Caitlyn and Candace. They enjoy it. Last year it worked out perfectly because I was holding a Volleyball camp during the VBS week, so my "babysitting" was covered. However, THIS year.....with no volleyball, I really have the ENTIRE week open to myself ALLLLL DAY. I SHOULD head in to school one of the days and do some preliminary work for the upcoming school year.........**sigh**.......we'll see. I'm still not ready to get into school-mode yet. I'm having a hard time getting "happy" for the upcoming year; with all the changes and uncertainties that are happening in Wisconsin....and all the changes that are in effect in our 7-12 wing alone.......**sigh**.......{{keeping my smile on}}.....I just don't want to get into school-mode until I ABSOLUTELY have to.

On the way back home today, when I typically turn off on the only exit of my trip to head home, rather, I decided to head into the town of Eau Claire instead. I knew there was a JoAnn's at the other end of town, and I wasn't in any hurry........

I never had been at this JoAnn's before; the fabric section was QUITE a disaster and rather untidy, BUT I really didn't care, nor am complaining. I just browsed around, not really looking for anything in particular except some bleached muslin. I had a roll in my hands and was going to request 10 yards of it (at a price of $2.99), however, when I turned down one aisle, I came across a section of muslin by the bolt, so I snatched up a 15 yard bolt for $29.99.

The Patriotic fabrics were all 50% off; too many of them weren't appealing; quite "scratchy" feeling, but there was this light bolt with tiny flag-like images on it that felt really nice-n-soft. I took the rest of the bolt (5 1/8 yds) @ $1.99/yard sale. CAN'T really beat that price. This black-on-black fabric was also calling to me; the price showed $5.99/yard. I normally don't buy ANY fabric at the listed price (ALWAYS a sales shopper here), but I really liked it. So, I requested the rest of that bolt too (5 5/8 yds), and as she printed out the price tag, she said "at $3.99 a yard." Hmmm???? I wonder if there was a sale that I didn't know about??? I also had the thought go through my head that maybe they offer an "end-of-bolt" incentive that I know some quilt shops do???? Anyway----at $3.99 a yard....I was quite pleased on the fabric.

As I was puttering around some more, this lady approached me, said something.......and it took me a moment to register what it was. She was handing me a coupon for $5.00 off a $35 or more purchase........she had said "Coupon?". What a kind thing to do!!!! She shrugged and said that nothing was jumping out at her, and obviously I had found some goodies, so she wanted to see it useful for someone.

SO.....the final damage was:
15 yards muslin
5 1/8 cream QOV fabric
5 5/8 black-on-black
for a total of 25 3/4 yards that will be included in today's stash report.

The book shown in the picture was given to me by my mother; she found it at her Goodwill store. "Quilts from Aunt Amy."

In addition to the fabric purchased, this week's report includes fabric used in my Splendidly Marching Along quilt. Before leaving for my parents, I started piecing a backing. Some more width is needed before I can load this onto the frame.

Stash Report: July 11 - 24
Used/wk: 8.75 yds
Purch/wk: 25.75 yds

Used/yr: 131.375 yds
Purch/yr: 81.917 yds

Net Used: 49.458 yds


Quilter Kathy said...

Excellent purchases!
Look forward to seeing what comes out of your quilting room this week!

Andee said...

Way to go on the fabric deals! Wish I had been in town to meet you at JoAnns!

Dee said...

Nice stash report! I'm like you and hate to buy fabric at regular price unless I absolutely need it for something I'm at a standstill on. Glad you found so many things you liked. By the way, I have an Aunt who lives in Eau Claire and I've actually visited there several times. Never made it to JoAnns though.

Linda said...

Great buys and this book is great. Check out the Bulls Eye pattern, you will like this one. You can use up scraps on this one and it goes really fast.