Thursday, July 28, 2011

I want coffee---what about you?

Sitting here, taking a short break from my Jamestown Landing strings......and suddenly.....

I CRAVE coffee!!!!!

Mind you, if we didn't have AC, I would be singing a different song! I just stepped outside and bolted RIGHT BACK IN!!! Muggggggg-ggggg---ggggggggy! Holy poopers!!!

So, I'm going to make a pot and give Shadow some fresh water outside while it's brewing. Goodness---I hope I don't lose my craving during the short time I need to be outside with Shadow. Otherwise, maybe I WILL be enjoying a "bottomless" cup of coffee :0) No one is closest neighbor is half mile away........okay, TMI again? ;0) **snicker**

Oh! And poor, poor Paul. He's staining with Scot today....oh, my poor dear. I'm sure the boat will be loaded and deployed shortly after his arrival home. He's been enjoying his evenings fishing lately.

{{20 minutes later}}
Alright, I AM enjoying a cup of coffee with 2 tsp honey and some french-vanilla creamer :0) Yummmmmm.
Shadow appreciated the water and the small dousing I gave him. It's warm today! Back to the 90's with my windowsill thermometer showing 107....**sigh**
I actually took a detour to the garden for a walk-through too. Oh boy----I predict next week to start the official "harvest time" for Farmer Amy-n-crew. Many bean plants have sprouts; one plant actually had some ready for picking (yummy snack for now.) Cucumbers are in full bloom and I harvested a small bowl full for (maybe) some cucumber salad; otherwise another yummy snack and for salads. Peas are ready for picking already! I'll see what Paul's plans for them are....are we freezing them before full ripeness to be used in stir fry and egg rolls? Sounds like a plan to me.
Tomatoes----whew! At least those won't be ready for quite some time yet! I can handle beans and cucumbers next week. Tomatoes would put me over the harvest-edge.

Alright---off to do some more strings. Maybe if I get all 168 sewn, I'll buddy along with Paul tonight on the boat and tear the paper off :0)


Andee said...

You motivated me to sew some strings this morning...I got 8 more done and half of them pressed and trimmed before I was interupted by work! Only 4 or 5 left to go!

scraphappy said...

Hope you got your strings up and going, and that you are out on a boat enjoying some cool air by now. No coffee for me, but I couldn't survive without my daily Diet Dew. Everybody needs a vice or two.