Friday, September 21, 2012

A whole lotta school spirit!

Hey!  We (staff) may have lost the Dodgeball title on Wednesday to the Juniors, BUT....
we remain Tug o' War CHAMPIONS!!!!!  The Junior class reigned victorious over all other classes, but didn't have enough to beat us 'ol folk.  I was NOT on the tug o' war line today;  I was the one with the camera-----but still:  what a hoot n' nanny!

And in my inbox tonight when I got home????  My digital copy of our school's 'Lakers' mascot for use on EM!  Sooooooo uber excited!!!  So many possibilities now :)  The school-store advisor and I have already been chit-chatting about what we may be able to work out.  

And to close my "School Spirit" post tonight:  LOOOOOOOK at the face of the boy as Cassie moves past him.  PRICELESS! :D

I'm so super happy.  I did lose TWO of my "prep" periods this week due to all the Homecoming festivities....and therefore have school books and binders at home for some "homework."  I will attempt to limit myself to NINETY minutes total (equivalent to 2 prep hours) so that I can still enjoy much of my weekend.

Tomorrow:  Apples and Tomatoes  {and laundry}


Linda said...

Outstanding! Congratulations to the staff! We could hear the cheering all the way to my room!

The Lake emblem is AWESOME! Go GIRL!

It is unreal how much Cassie has grown over the summer!

Patchwork Penguin said...

That is the one joy of being in a small school.... spirit is still alive.

Alycia said...

Cassie is AwEsOme!!Look at her concentration - Go Cassie!!!