Monday, September 24, 2012


Okay---the short version.
Last Tuesday, we were outside in the evening doing some garden picking because we were expecting frost overnight.  While outside, Paul asked Cassie to look around and count all of our chickens because it appeared we were missing some (AGAIN!)

She went off looking......and I kinda peered around too.  I came up to a patch of weeds around the potato plants.......and I saw a still puff-ball of feathers :(  As I walked was a chicken. A very DEAD looking chicken.
As I drew even closer, her head twitched up, and I thought "poor ol' gal!  Left for dead."
But......when I got right on top of her....... she PUFFED up all big and started shallowly clucking.  For those of you who have ever had a brooder....I KNEW what her actions meant.  She's SITTING on eggs!  

And sure shootin!  We lifted her and counted about 16 eggs under her!!!!!!  What a SNEAK!!!!  We had no idea how long she had been sitting on them, so we left her be.  And it got COOOOLD for a few nights this past week.

Fast forward to yesterday evening.  Candace came bolting in...and Paul came bolting in from the other way (they were racing)....and they BOTH were trying to be the first to tell me......


How on EARTH have we not noticed that Big Mama has been missing in action for the past 21 days????  And now.....good golly!  Another (minimum) of 13 babies.

She was out-n-about when I arrived home today from school.  Paul and girls gathered them up and moved them into an empty, heated chicken coop for the time-being.  

Big Mama----you are a trooper!!!!!

And after dinner tonight, Candace and I worked on making some dessert.  What would Autumn in Wisconsin be without some caramel apples???

OH!  And as far as the school work goes.  :S
I didn't do ANY last night like I anticipated.  Instead, I arrived at school about 15 minutes earlier than usual and prepped my day up quickly.  Then worked on grades....and by the time the first bell was ringing, I was sipping on my coffee, ALLLLL ready for my day.  And then.....used my prep today to plan for most of the rest of the week. 
Just goes to show you-----I CAN do it all at school!


Candace said...

They are so adorable. Mama must be very proud (and exhausted). Looks like Candace is a good cooker as my kids used to say.

scraphappy said...

So happy you left school where it belongs. Those babies are just too cute. I can just taste those apples -- yum.

Quilter Kathy said...

See you can do it! You and big Mama...all business and getting the hard work done!

Amanda said...

No matter how many times you see eggs and new chicks it must be just as exciting each time. And you seem to have got your work/life balance just right. I long for the day when Number One Son gets there. After two and a half weeks in his first teaching job he's exhausted and a bit 'down'. He's getting to school at 7am and leaving at 6pm and then still working in the evening. It's so hard for new teachers.

Pieces to Love said...

Wow, 16! what a pround momma hen. I love Carmel apples, I have been thinking about buying just one at the store since, I truely don't need the caramel but well that is the best part.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

That is funny about the chicken. I guess when the chicken count starts getting low, you let them roam to bring the count back up again. :D MMMMMMM Carmel Apples!