Sunday, September 9, 2012

More researching and some tomatoes

Slept in until a bit after 7:30 this morning.  Precious Caitlyn was up at 7:30, visited the bathroom, and then turned into our room (which is right next to the bathroom).  She whispered..."Dad, I want to make coffee for you guys but don't know exactly how to."
LOL... what a gem.

So, we gots the coffee a'brewin' and read over blogs/facebook/discussion boards in a relaxed fashion.

And here is a comment that made me really contemplate if the Brother PE770 Embroidery machine really is the best deal for me....
Angela (Soscrappy) writes:
Don't know about the embroidery machine, the bernina has an extension, though having a backup machine seems like a good idea as much as you sew. Seeing Kathy without hers made me sad:(

 Ahhhh!!!!  MAYBE I should be looking for a sewing/embroidery unit and not JUST an embroidery machine!  Afterall, YES, when my Bernina was out for a few weeks last summer, I was a bit unnerved;  just like Kathy has been.  {{Her machine is back now!!!}} :)

I didn't have time to do any research because we were off to the grocery store, followed by a house-cleaning session, followed by lunch.  

Followed by more tomato picking.  
What BEAUTIFUL babies out there on the "younger" plants now!  I am almost done with canning;  however I didn't do any preserving this weekend.  Next weekend, I'll do the last few quarts of whole canned tomatoes.  I am picking now for friends who haven't had much luck with theirs this year.

My amazing helper Cassie spent about 30 minutes with me going through the tomato patch.  And for dinner, we cut in to a few of those red delicious beauties for tacos.

Anyway---back to the embroidery machine.
I have spent hours this afternoon watching Youtube videos:  Brother machines, Babylock machines, embroidery 101 how-tos...... you name it.  What fun!  I learned a LOT.  I never realized you should have a TOP stabilizer when embroidery certain projects/fabrics!  

In the end----I have 100% decided on the Brother PE770.  Now to just find the best "deal" around the web.  :0)

Stay tuned!  I hope to hit a BUY button by the end of my evening computer session.  

Oh; FYI.  I didn't do ANY schoolwork :\  But that's okay.  I should be fine for tomorrow...and then will spend tomorrow's prep to get ready for the next day...and so on and so on.  I REALLY want to try to keep school at school this year.  How's THAT for a professional goal??? 


Quilter Kathy said... stays at work!
Those tomatoes look so pretty!
I am at home sewing on my much missed machine, but I should be doing something with all my cucumbers!

Andee said...

I like that professional goal! More time to sew!!!! I have 275 of those geese done...ALMOST halfway!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for the tomatoes! With Katie and my MIL's help we got 22 pints of salsa canned today! Thinking Katie and I could do it ourselves now if we had to, but more hands make lighter work!

Great idea about names on the towels, I've thought of that myself recently, while washing too many towels!

Congrats on the new machine!


Linda said...

It is possible to keep school work at school, but you will have to stay a little longer each afternoon. I did this throughout my teaching career while raising two sons. Once I got home from school, I concentrated on being Mom. If I wasn't able to get all of my school work finished before coming home, I brought it home with me and got up an hour early in the morning to do schoolwork before the family got up. Those were busy days!
Linda in Southern Illinois