Sunday, September 30, 2012

Red Clay weekend

I'm exhausted!  Almost too exhausted to write this post, but I figured I needed to touch base on my blog to explain the weekend of silence.

The Red Clay Classic car race kept me and my family away from our house this weekend.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have talked about The Farm in the past, which is my Father-in-Law's 'retirement land,' which also happens to be directly adjacent to a racetrack "up north."  The Red Clay Classic is a HUGE end-of-season race that happens every year during the last weekend of September.

Racers and fans come from all over.  Our favorite annual visitors come from 5 hours north of us -- Canada.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to them talk.  Yah, eh.  They have a fun accent, eh.  Even though they think it's US that have the accent, eh.  

Our 'job' during the weekend is to park campers and cars that don't care to stay over in the racetrack's land.  I don't blame them----the track land has them stacked and parked like sardines in a can.  Quite a few fans and racers have made their way over to our spacious setup;  besides, Dad-in-Law provides free coffee and donuts to all campers Saturday morning.  He knows how to treat people :)

We usually don't watch the races; instead we converse by the fire, all the while parking cars as they arrive to the race.  However, a bunch of us headed over to the pits to watch the final race of the evening.  Sadly, a thick fog bank moved in shortly before the start and thickened to a good pea-soup consistency mid-race.  With 17 laps left to go, the track called the race off due to safety concerns of the racers.

So, yeah.  The girls and I arrived back mid afternoon today, unpacked, took care of animals, started laundry.....all that fun stuff.  Paul will be coming home tomorrow;  he wanted to stay and do some fishing up in the bays of Lake Superior.

Clearly no sewing or embroidery this weekend;  but I'm sure you all did enough to make up for what I didn't do.

Happy Sunday.


scraphappy said...

Thanks for the update, I wondered where you wandered off too.

Andee said...

Well, we missed you, but sounds like a great weekend!

Judy D in WA said...

What a great weekend! Race cars, bonfires and donuts, no wonder you were so quiet, you were having fun!

Amanda said...

I was really interested in what you said about the Canadian accent. Here in the UK I doubt that people can tell the difference between Americans and Canadians, although we do spot the difference between different American accents.

Ellen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I would definitely say that you have the!!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Glad you had fun doing "nothing" sometimes it is nice. I have to find my "nothing" to do soon. No sewing for me either, and nothing fun to report either. Working too hard at things that I am not getting paid. Will be watching for the net cool thing that you get finished. Between you Angela and Judy, I am living happily enjoying all the finishing going on. I will hopefully be joining everyone again soon, really soon.