Saturday, September 15, 2012

Play time :D


Definitely enjoying enjoying enjoying my Brother PE770 right now!
I have another package of goodies coming with anticipated delivery on Tuesday.  What's in there?  In addition to some stabilizer, more bobbins, more bobbin thread and a smaller 4x4 hoop-----my Embroidery thread is in that order!!!  **sigh**
BUT, just cuz I don't have any "embroidery" thread, I wasn't going to be stopped from trying out other threads.

Getting everything set up was actually quite easy.  Attaching the hoop to the machine took a few attempts (just like everyone said it would), but now.... got it down!

First project:  A simple label.  I had this shiny purple thread that fits the theme nicely.  All the labels have been removed from the thread, so I'm not sure the details of it.  I'm GUESSING it's a Coats-n-Clark thread.  The machine handled it perfectly fine.  {{Hmm....I'm not a person who names her machines, but.... EM is easier to type than "the embroidery machine."  So, EM she is!}}

And then...a former classmate commented on my FB post about a monogram.  So....I played some more with my monogram.  Trial-n-error will fill my walls :)  The inner frame was sized too small, but the other was great.  And...I could see changing the 'E' to the lighter purple thread.   Threads used here: Connecting Thread's "Essential threads."  It is heavier than embroidery thread....and turned out great as well!

SO!!!!..... notice what is under my Bernie needle right now???  I figured I might as well get it going since the label has been made :)
And EM has moved in to the other side of my work area.  

I love today :)  And you?


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Fun, fun, fun!! I can see you're definitely having a great week-end.

Loopylou said...

What fun! So glad you and Em are getting on, looks like you'll be finding lots to do together

Andee said...

You may just have motivated me to figure out how to how to do the labels!!! So smart you are!

Tracy said...

Making labels is so've got to visit! So many cute embroidery designs. Embroidery applique is addicting!

Candace said...

Glad you're having fun. They look great. Check out BFC Creations and Sew What Pro. I forwarded their yahoo digests. Sew What Pro is an embroidery program like Embird but cheaper, and to me easier, and BFC Creations has lots of nice patterns. Some good free ones. Embroidery Library is a good place for designs, too.

Amanda said...

I don't use my embroidery machine half enough, though it is great for making labels. Have fun with yours.

Lori said...

I do not use my machine, enough. I may have to break it out! Thank you for the inspiration.Now, to find the time.

Dianna said...

I am glad to find a blog that is positive for the PE770. I just got mine today. I have two other Brother Embroidery machines, well one is a combination sewing and embroidery, but both have the 4x4 design field. I am really looking forward to seeing what I can do with this new one. I bought it for the the 5x7 design field and the flashdrive USB port set up. Hope I can figure it all out.