Saturday, September 1, 2012

The signs are all around...

Fall is here.....

Beautiful picture captured by a friend and shared via Facebook

Taken just moments ago.....and YES!  They are heading due-south! :\

And even Angela (SoScrappy) is joining in on the Fall festivities, choosing Orange/"Pumpkin color" as the September's selection for the 2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  As bad as I would like to head downstairs for much of the day and sew away today.......

I can't.

My husband has taken over Brett Favre's philosophy of what retirement means.  >:|  Remember last week's volleyball fiesta after coming out of retirement for a day?  
Well..... 2 nights ago he committed us both to play again THIS weekend (today).  Paul, Paul, Paul.....

It's all good.  The team we're playing with today is super relaxed, all in it for the fun..... and today, there will be SIX players on the court and not just FOUR! :-)  Already a better situation :)

The day is expected to be beautiful;  high of 79 degrees; 0% chance of rain; and FULL of "fair-type" events for our town's "Town & Country Days."  
I hope your Labor Day 3-day weekend is spectacular for my US comrads;  and for everyone else, well...I hope you also have a spectacular 2-day weekend :D

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