Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rainbow Orange; and some towel embroidery

NO AGENDA TODAY!  Gotta love days like that, huh?  I grabbed the orange string bag to make up the September Rainbow Scrap string block.  I have so few orange scraps (yay!), therefore there will be no September Jack-in-the-Box blocks.  

And of COURSE I found time to play with EM.  After watching some YouTube videos over the past week, I was confident I could tackle embroidering a towel.  I grabbed one of our hand wash towels and tested it out.  Easy Peasy baby!

So then......BRING on a real project!  Cassie chose the lettering on her LAKERS school-spirit monogramed towel.

The name was just a tad bit too high for my liking, but other than turned out just fine.

About 30 minutes ago, I came upstairs to prep the final stage of some BBQ Ribs (back and country-style).  T-minus 45 minutes and counting until we can dig into these delicious babies.

Alrighty...I have yet to spend some time with my school work.  I think I will do the bare minimum (5 minutes per class?) to at least have something ready to go for tomorrow.  :D  Then I'll worry about the rest of the week tomorrow.

The 29.6 degree morning temperature didn't deter me from capturing the sunrise in a photo.  This quote is on the wall of our lady's staff bathroom;  it seemed perfect to add it to the photo.

I hope your Sunday was glorious! 


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You are on a roll. Towels look great. Looks like your getting the hang of it pretty easy. Love how you got the new logo to work out on the machine. That sunrise is gorgeous!!! Is that out your back door???

Andee said...

That reminds me I have some school stuff to do Been cutting and sewing the day away. You have inspired me to get out my embroidery machine stuff soon too!

Quilter Kathy said...

A gorgeous photo! Very inspiring...too bad I don't get up to see the's so pretty!
Great orange block!

scraphappy said...

How long until you run out of things to monogram? Great orange strings. Sorry you don't have enough scraps for Jack-in-the-Box blocks, but must feel great to run out! Hope you got enough planning done to get through today.

Candace said...

Love your orange block, especially the little tiny flip flops. You're doing great with your embroidery machine. Yummy ribs and beautiful sunrise.

Sheila said...

I love your orange blocks. Beautiful sunset!