Friday, September 14, 2012

School routine

Holy moly!  It's the 2nd Friday of the school year already!!!!!!!!

So what are your morning routines like?
Here...Cassie is putting her contacts in; Candace just washed up her face and hands from breakfast;  Caitlyn is getting her shoes on....backpacks are waiting patiently on the floor.  This picture was taken two minutes before they need to be heading out the door to make sure they make the bus on time.  Aghhhhhh.  

We're ALMOST at a "well-oiled-machine" status;  a couple more mornings, and this should be a natural morning transition.  

AND OF COURSE!!!! After a fun rivalry win over the Chicago Bears, Caitlyn and I were sporting our Green Bay Packer jerseys today :)

So---weekend is here!  Whahoooo!  What are YOUR plans???  {{Y'all should know what MINE are}} :)

AND---anyone want to take a guess at how much schoolwork I brought home for the weekend???  :D


Quilter Kathy said...

You better say NONE! Cause you're otherwise occupied at the new machine!! RIght?!?!

Anne said...

Knowing what a concientious teacher you are, I am sure that there are at least 4 hours worth of homework in your bag. And you know very well that you are going to leave that homework right in that bag - all weekend! Have fun with your new toy!

scraphappy said...

PLEASE say zero. I am still plugging away at 10:20 and determined to finish and put it all away tonight. I am hoping you are already figuring out your new magic machine.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Oh what are you going to embroider first????? Can't wait to see!

Amanda said...

It was so great when I retired and didn't have to slip seamlessly into a morning routine when I woke (oh, so early) each morning. I can't imagine that you don't have any school work, but I do hope you manage to get it finished quickly so that you can go and play.

Andee said...

Yay for smooth morning routines and GO PACK GO!!!