Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Saturday sewing after the 1st week of school

I enjoyed my morning hours today!!!  My cutting table and iron board were loaded with scattered scraps for the Hawaii Sunset (or is it Hawaiian?) units I've been working on these past couple of weeks.  The first couple of hours were cutting and organizing those scraps into some units for the blocks.  All of the 4-patches are completed.  Another forty-some flying geese units were pieced, and all 25 of the 'block borders' were cut and basted until they'll be needed.  I was HOPING my Hancock Fabrics order would come in the mail today, didn't.  So, I'm at a standstill until that happens;  I need more pink and green fabs.

So I pulled out my 36-patch top...and decided it was big enough.  No more border were needed.

Therefore, a backing was pieced;  batting was cut... and all were added to my 'must-quilt' pile.

Then...out came Orca Bay.  THIS one, however, has another border coming;  I don't want this to simply be finished off with all those seams along the outside.

I had a perfect green waiting on my shelf for the border.  It was cut and pieced..... and then lunch time hit.  {{.....and this is STILL where it remains.....}}

Once lunch was complete, I relaxed with the laptop....and got side-tracked for much of the afternoon.

Last night, I'm not really sure how this conversation came to be, but Paul asked me, "When are you getting your monogramming machine?" (aka: embroidery machine).
Recall July 19th, 2012 when I talked about avoiding the temptation of purchasing an embroidery machine.  WOW!  Almost two months ago already!  I thought for sure it was the beginning of August when I did that research.

Anyway...last night's conversation went something like this:

Me:  You mean the embroidery machine?
Paul:  Whatever.
Me:  I didn't order one.
Paul:  Why not?
Me:  You mean it's okay if I do?
Paul:  Sure.  That way we can label all the towels and the girls will stop taking new ones out every time they need one.

Heeding the advice of others from that July embroidery post, I spend the day researching machines that allow for a 5"x7" hoop.  
After a couple of hours of review and searching for the best price....
Then again, this deal from Amazon also seems okay; lots of thread and designs offered "free"....but the reviews are stating that all of those "free" designs don't work on the Brother machine. (??)
I have pushed any buy buttons yet.... so.... does anyone have any final words of wisdom (or concern) to share?

Happy Saturday!

{{The PACKERS play tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!}}


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get your order yet, mine came by Fed Ex ground yesterday, even though I asked for Priority via USPS. I have to check it though, because the two rulers I ordered were not in the box or the two page invoice inside the box either.

On the other note, I have a brother embroidery machine/sewing machine I love it. It uses PES files for the designs, so when your checking out "free" designs that is the extension you need them to be for the brother machines. My machine takes the even larger hoop in it. Very easy to work with. I don't use it as much as I use to, but it is nice to have when you need something in a hurry. I even embroider all my quilt labels too.

Linda said...

Woo Hoo! I almost came looking for you Wednesday afternoon to see if you still wanted to look for that cabin in the woods where we would sew quilts for a living! I think my 15 or so minutes of quilting every night this week has helped me survive this first week!

Dee said...

I can't give a recommendation on the machine as I don't know anything about it, but I can tell you that a great place to get embroidery designs from is Embroidery Library ( They have a huge selection and the prices are really good, especially compared to others. I've also been really pleased with how they stitch out. Good luck with your purchase! You can do a surprising number of things with an embroidery machine. I've done the normal towels, t-shirts, jeans, jacket and bags as well as scissor cases, pincushions and even quilting quilts.

Quilting_Chris said...

Hi Amy, I don't know much about this embroidery machine, but I did think about this site for you to consider also. I have purchased things from them and have always been happy. They are offering some other "extra's" that you might find helpful.

Andee said...

GO PACK GO! I have an embroidery machine..have used it once for that purpose. Awesome you will soon be motivating me on that front too! I can't say that I am sad that your pinks didn't come...I was thinking you would have all those geese done and I haven't touched them in forever. Tomorrow I am gonna be in geeseland! SMILE!

scraphappy said...

I was worried I would check in today and find you had left me in the dust and finished up Hawaii without me (no n, though I keep putting it in). I am with Andi in geese land today. Don't know about the embroidery machine, the bernina has an extension, though having a backup machine seems like a good idea as much as you sew. Seeing Kathy without hers made me sad:(

Tracy said...

I have a Viking Topaz and love it...although I wish the screen were bigger. If you're looking to just do small designs then you should be fine but if you think you may want to do larger ones someday, I'd get a bigger one now. I just finished my grandsons quilt with embroidery applique and it(if I do say so myself) is CUTE! I plan to blog about it someday soon...haha!

Frog Quilter said...

Definitely get a second or third machine. I used to go bonkers at just the thought of NOT HAVING A MACHINE.

I also have a back up iron too! I am really afflicted but sane!!!!!!!