Thursday, March 13, 2014

A sick day for Caitlyn ... new project for me

Everyone in the family has been mostly healthy ALL Flu-n-Bug season...
until this morning.
I was brushing my teeth, and Caitlyn came moping in by me saying, "Mom, I don't feel that great."
Naturally, with a super busy week of impromptu lessons to prepare for the ultimate PI day celebration tomorrow, I patted her head and said..."Let's try to make it through the day.  Okay, honey?"

Her response, "Okay Mom."

5 minutes later.....
"Mom, I really don't think I feel that great...."....[[holding her mouth]]

Me:  "Go! RUN!"

She made it to the bathroom.....just in time.

So, with some fanagling of schedules; Paul coming off of night shift and needing sleep; a new substitute called in to cover my class {big bummer};  running in to school to touch base with the sub once Paul got home; .......
*sigh*.... I was back home by 9:00, trying my best to let go of the control of my classroom.  Oh.... :|, I had such a fun impromptu lesson planned today "in my head"---I wasn't about to take over an hour to write up and explain it all to the sub.  So.... "boring worksheet" day for the kiddos, practicing how to find the area and circumference of circles. ;\  What'cha gonna do?

I knew I needed SOMETHING to take my mind off of things;  I do try my best to handle moments that require flexibility, but.... I was anxious all morning and it didn't subside after I arrived home.
So....a morning of Ravelry ensued.

In the end, I decided to dive into a new challenge being sponsored by The Crochet Crowd. 
Spring has Sprung Challenge - Crochet Crowd
And it worked.  The anxiety slowly left.... around 2:00 in the afternoon. :}
I have a whole drawer of the "Rose Mist" pink of Vanna's Choice that I need to use up.  At first, I contemplated making a small crib afghan JUST of the pink, but in the end, I decided to mix in some of the left over Aran, Buff and Coffee Red Heart supersaver from my Drop in the Pond - Coffee-n-Cream afghan.  I'm not completely sold on the mix of colors yet, but....  **shrug**... I'm going with it.

By 3:30, Cailtyn was feeling better.  So much so, that she even started nibbling her way through a piece of toast.

Buuuuut.  Sadly, at 6:00.....*sigh*.... she needed the bucket again.  And again.  Aaaaannnd....again just a few minutes ago.
My "just in case" plans are already set to go in the event she is still sick in the morning.  Tomorrow is PI day, and I have some amazing coworkers who will help out to start the morning, watching my kiddos and organizing the pies until I can get there after Paul arrives home at 8:00AM from work.  PI day is a tough day to miss out on, so.... everyone is helping out to make it happen.  My Principal has also given me the okay to leave at the early dismissal time (noon) in order for me to relieve Paul from sick-duty in order for him to get some sleep before his night shift tomorrow night.   It takes a village!

I think I'll keep plugging away at the new project to see if the color combination grows on me anymore.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

Happy Thursday!


Andee said...

It does take a village...hope she is feeling better soon!

Andee said...

It does take a village...hope she is feeling better soon!

Amanda said...

It's tough being a working parent when one of your own is sick.I hope Caitlyn feels better soon. We used to have a rule that no child could return until 48 hours after stopping vomiting; do you have to adhere to that rule too?

Deb A said...

Oh no! Hope she is feeling better. I've had to scramble this week too - with a sick hubby.
Hope she is better today and no one else gets it in your house.

scraphappy said...

So sorry about the sick kiddo. It never happens at a good time, but what a bummer to be so near to pi day. Glad you were able to make it happen as much as possible.

JB said...

Sorry to hear Caitlyn was sick. I hope she was feeling better today. I'm glad you have such great coworkers who will help to make things happen. I have the same thing with my kindergarten team at school. When I was sick for that week and a half and didn't have a regular lesson plan much less a sub plan, my coworkers stepped in and pulled stuff together for me because I could literally not make it to school to make any plans. It also helped that we ended up with two cold days off and I had an amazing sub. I know the anxiety you were going through with having a first time sub in your room. I go through the same thing every time I have one too. Happy PI Day!

Catalina Orostegui said...

That's tough. Joining the others here in wishing she gets fine as soon as possible. Being sick can be a bit of annoyance, keeping you tense and frightened through it all. Whether its our own, or our loved ones. Hope she gets the nutritional and the medicinal needs that she can to go through this quickly.

Aurora DX