Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coffee-n-Cream; Drop in the Pond afghan completed [Crochet]

Suddenly, time is flying by again and I'm failing to keep my blog updated with all the life goings-on :\

Last weekend, my Drop in the Pond - Coffee -n- Cream afghan was completed.  

In the end, I stopped once it reached the size 52" x 65" -- a substantial throw size.
I'm sure I'll be making this again in different color combinations-- it came together quickly and has an amazing pattern for a geometric minded person! :)

AND, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my own copy of this book rather than hoarding it excessively from the Public Library!  LOL.  I must have renewed it three consecutive times (that'd be 3 months!).

NOT that I'm counting by any means.... but today, I needed to do some final Goal Calculations for some of my Intervention Math students.  TEN weeks of school left.  Whoa.  That equates to roughly SIX weeks before the AP Stats exam.  We are sitting SO good this year with the schedule despite losing 6 days of instruction due to weather related closings.  Two more chapters of material----about 3 more weeks of learning, and then MAJOR REVIEW TIME.  Whew.

Happy Tuesday everyone :)


katie z. said...


Andee said...

Love the coffee and cream!

Amanda said...

I really like this pattern, I can see why you'd want to make it again.

Deb A said...

So pretty! Looking forward to seeing what colors you pick next for this one.