Sunday, March 16, 2014

Email education - a snafu

In the middle of the afternoon today, I found it odd that I hadn't received a SINGLE email since  yesterday afternoon, 3:15PM.


I troubleshooted.
Restarted.  Nothing.
Reinstalled Mail program.  Nothing.
It was when I checked my iPhone that I knew it was something bigger than a software glich, because even my phone didn't show any new emails since yesterday.
Oh, I'm not saying I'm all that popular, BUT I get ooodles of Quilting emails, and there were at least 4 of you who had commented on the TARDIS quilting.  But most importantly... I was awaiting an email from PayPal.  

So.  I dug online.
And (the short version, after a 20 minute online wait and another 20 minute online 'chat' conversation with ISP techie)...
My MAILBOX MEMORY was maxed out!  I didn't realize we were allowed {only} 1024 MB of space from our ISP.  And my mailbox was a mess!

SO, I spent the afternoon cleaning it up.  I was SUCH an email hoarder!  After about 10 minutes of sifting through "I should really keep this email" and "Ohhh, I never responded to him/her."......
I finally just selected ALL of the emails.......and TRASHED 'em!  **gasp**
As an email hoarder, the anxiety is STILL hanging over me.  

BUT, now I'm receiving emails again.  And THAT is what matters, right?? ;)
The bad news---any email sent from yesterday 3:15ish until 4:30ish today.....GONE FOREVER.  

I'm contemplating switching everything over to my Gmail account, but what a headache THAT will be too.  However, did you know that Gmail accounts allow for 30 GB??!??!!?  That's GIGABYTES, people!  

So, if you sent me a 'special' email from 3:30 PM (CST) yesterday to about 4:30 PM (CST) today... resend it?? ;)

Happy Sunday.


Pieces to Love said...

You could set up your isp email to be forwarded to a Gmail account and then you can delete all emails in the isp inbox with no regrets. Oh, and a minimal headache too. :)

Andee said...

Oh my! At least you figured it out quickly!