Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kamryn's TARDIS (Dr. Who) quilt [Quilting]

Kamryn's TARDIS quilt was taken off the frame this afternoon.  104" x 108" -- she's a bigg'un.  

Kamryn requested the Fascination pantograph; the quilting is quite dense and took about 10 hours to complete, 7 of those hours being today.  My back is certainly letting me know that I stood for that long, too!

I remember watching Dr. Who as a child---LONG time ago!  I haven't watched it since then, however.

Kamryn is super excited to get this back into her hands.  First thing tomorrow morning, the binding will be completed (by machine), and then it'll get packaged up for the trip in the mail.


Candace said...

So funny. My sis in law was showing me her granddtrs wedding picture today at my granddtrs baby shower and they had a Dr Who wedding cake. Two people and that same phone booth on the top.

Kevin the Quilter said...

That is super cool Amy! That was a BIG quilt to quilt! Give the back a rest now! LOL

Amanda said...

You'll be glad to get that one on its way I'm sure, was it rather monotonous quilting such a large plain area? If you can get hold of any of the modern Dr Who's you should watch them, I've really enjoyed them. There was a year with Christopher Eccleston, then a few years with David Tennant, then a few years with Matt Smith. I'm sure your girls would love them too.

Quilter Kathy said...

Wowzer... that is huge!! Congrats on finishing all that quilting!