Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ahhhh! Saturday!

March 29th, and we are FINALLY expecting a decent weekend of weather ahead of us.  Forecast:  FIFTIES (50s!) tomorrow!  

Thursday, March 27.  School parking lot.
However, with this being a state in the North, we have LOTS of potential winter left, and LOTS LOTS LOTS of snow to melt off before gardening can truly even HOPE to occur.   {{Did I say we have LOTS of snow out there???}} 

Saturday March 29.  But LOOK at that blue sky!

Typically, Memorial weekend is the planting weekend in these parts of the world.  BUT, the seedlings have broken ground.  Candace was just doing her saturday morning chore of watering plants, and she asked if she should water the seeds.  When she opened up the cover, I heard... "MOM!  COME QUICK!!!!!  They're GROWING!!!" 

Other goings-on around here --- the bats have made their presence known again.  We found a dead bat on the deck a couple of weeks ago, and the other night, we heard one flying around in the open space between our vaulted ceiling rafters and the roof.  Knowing that the bat I saw last summer flew into the area of the loft-lights (remember THAT post???? and then the Super-Heroin follow-up???), Paul brought out some filler-stuffy-stuff to seal off the spaces of possible 'living-space' entry for those lil' annoyances.

We have birthday parties to get to and pick up from, but other than that... today is a day of openness!  It's already 9:30, and I've puttered the morning away online.  I think a little breakfast is looming, and then I'll head down to see what status my quilting/sewing room is in.  It's been awhile :\

Happy Saturday


Amanda said...

Your weather fascinates me! Do you talk as much about it as we talk about our weather in the UK?

Kevin the Quilter said...

OMG!!!!!! For a minute there, I thought Paul was taking on the balance beam and standing on the railing!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I am sure if the bats resurface, the Super Heroin will be able to swat them out! I had no clue you made a Perkiomen Dreams quilt???? It hangs beautifully in that space!

Andee said...

Darn bats, lol! Glad it is finally warming up and how exciting that the seedlings have sprouted! I want to plant a herb garden but not sure I can keep it alive, even indoors here in the desert of AZ. I need to get a plant window in my kitchen so I can do that! Love watching your garden come along every year!