Monday, March 10, 2014

Technical difficulties no more!

Yes, folks!  That lovely, lovely Daylight Savings "Spring Ahead".
Gotta love it, right?!??!

My parents were visiting this past weekend in order to cheer on Caitlyn and Cassie for their DI tournament.  While out shopping yesterday for some groceries for dinner, Paul and Gpa picked up a surprise Birthday cake for Gma!!!  Respecting a women's right to withhold age information, my mother turns .... "8-squared" next Sunday ;).  We celebrated a bit early with some yummy almond-flavored butter-cream frosted marble cake.  Yummmmo.   The cake topped off a meal of homemade pizza and eggrolls.   STUFFFFFED!

Paul. Oh, bless Paul.
He took care of some errands today;   my van was in major need for an oil change.   I received a text at 8:27 saying...."There was a big mouse nest on the engine."

Oh my.  

Additionally, Paul zoomed over to the ISP to pick up a replacement modem.
We are BACK in business folks :)  As much as I don't want to admit the necessity of having truly has become a part of life that makes things easier and more enjoyable!  

Yesterday, I made it through about 1/3 of the quilting on Kamryn's quilt before finally deciding to give my back a rest.  7 hours of quilting at the frame sufficed for the day.

Once the evening settled down, after saying our goodbyes to Gma and Gpa, and dinner table and dishes were taken care of, I pulled out my Coffee-n-Cream Drop-in-the-Pond afghan.  I need at least one more cream edge on the bottom, and then..... ??  I COULD be done if I wanted to be.  
I have enough yarn to make it one more ripple taller (top/bottom) and one more ripple wider on each side.  **Shrug**  Dunno. It might be one of those projects I add on to when the mood strikes.

For those of you affected by the time-change, I hope your Monday ran as smoothly as possible!!! ;)

Around here....the weather was B-E-A-U-TEEEEE-ful today!  (Not that I could enjoy it much!)  My windows at school are still snowed-in, so I couldn't open them.  But after school, it was still 53 degrees out.  WOW!  That temp was sooooo refreshing.
Therefore, here's to a wonderfully sunny day.  ((Too bad it's going back to cold, sleet and snow tomorrow)) :/

 Happy Monday!


Amanda said...

Our clocks go forward on 30 March. We say 'spring forward' but use your 'fall back' in the autumn. I look forward to lighter evenings but not going back to darker mornings for a while. We've been having some real spring weather here too, though thankfully we seem to have escaped the snow this year (fingers crossed). Your afghan is lovely, very modern looking.

Andee said...

Glad you had a happy Monday!

Deb A said...

Glad you had a good Monday. I was just happy I had both kids ready on time this morning as opposed to dropping one off to school 2 minutes before tardy yesterday. He was speedy and got to his class just barely on time. After a warning of not being able to go on his field trip to LegoLand if he is tardy... I think I'll have smooth sailing for a month or two! I won't say it is 80 degrees here today either (I'll be wishing for this temp in a month or two when it is closer to 100.

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