Sunday, May 11, 2008

The afternoon update...

The day isn't over yet, but I'm taking a break. I needed to come up at 3:00 to cut up some potatoes and carrots to throw in with the Roast I'm "cooking" in the slow-cooker. So, now, I'm sitting back and watching a VeggieTales movie with the girls and checking in with the latest.

More putzy pieces....blah, blah, blah! And more ironing of all those putzy pieces....blah, blah, blah! But......

...the end is in sight! All the pieces are complete, and I've already pieced four rows together before taking my break. And I must say once more....PUTZY! So many stinkin' pieces!!

Also, while needing some more 1.5" Light squares for my Leaders/Enders (I've been simply sewing 1.5" light and dark squares together), a lightbulb occurred to me! I pulled out the scrappy basket block that Bonnie had on her site earlier this week, and I figured....GOLLY....I could whip out these blocks in no time using them as my Leaders and Enders. So, at this point, I have enough pieces ready to put three whole blocks together already. Amazing!

Also, you may be wondering...."Ummm...Amy, I thought you were planting your garden today."

Yeah, well....Paul and I talked this morning, looking at the thermometer, and decided to wait at least one more week. But Paul did get out on the tractor to till up the garden. For Amanda, Yes! We have a large garden. That's the joy of having 10 acres of previously owned farm-land.

We have about an acre used for the horses, which we got two years ago. I don't know exactly what breed they are, but I would almost consider them welsh-ponies. They are "ponies" but BIG ponies! Candace and I took some time this morning to give them some goodies, so a Photo-op was born :0)

And since we weren't going to planting the garden, Paul decided is was a good time to start making a chicken coop. And, of course, my response was ...." A WHAT???" He chuckled, and said...."Oh yes dear, I forgot to tell you, I'm getting some chickens later today from a buddy...."

OH DEAR!!! I'll keep you all posted on THAT endeavor!

Anyway, I'll probably get back downstairs later tonight once the girls are in bed, but I'm going to take a break until then. Besides, I need to put together our school's Tech Plan Website. So I'm off to work on that now.


scraphappy said...

Horses! Chickens! I didn't know you lived on a farm. That is so awesome. The stars and stripes is looking great! It is coming together really fast.

Amanda said...

I love pigs - so looking forward to some pictures of them. I'm also going to pinch Bonnie's basket idea for leaders and enders once I've finished my current project. Tell me - do you double stitch when you are cutting off triangular corners so that you've already got dinky half-square triangles? I've started doing that since Bonnie's suggestion.