Friday, May 9, 2008

Inward introduction

Just reading Soscrappy's blog really put me into an "internal analysis" mood. Feel free to read along and meet my family, but I really just want to internalize for a moment----what is meaningful to me?

I haven't introduced any pictures of my girls yet, except maybe a few "solo" shots here-n-there while they've been around me during quilting times. These are my angels; not always perfect, peaceful, and loving, but tolerable :0)
Cassie (pictured right) is the oldest and is your typical first born. She is independent and everything has come easy to her from day 1. She has been the "leader" of all of them when it comes to when milestones were met (crawling, walking, talking, etc.) She spoiled us into thinking that parenthood is a breeze. She is now in first grade. THANKFULLY, academics are yet another breeze for her. Everything just "makes sense" to her.

Cailtyn (pictured left) is the middle child, and fits the "middle-child" stereotype. Needy, clingy, whiny. The whole package. She has tried my patience pretty much since day 1, but.......what I can I say? She's my girl and I love her. She HAS become easier and not so whiny in the past year (she is now 4), but she will probably always be known as my "Drama Queen." :0)

Candace (pictured middle) is the baby and WILL be the baby. No more babies being planned :0) Candace really doesn't fit any stereotype right now. She just "flows." She reminds me a lot of Cassie as a baby because she "solid and tough" like Cassie was. (oh yeah----Cassie is your typical tom-boy!!!!). However, Candace's speech hasn't come along as easy as the other two. In fact, just today, I contacted our "Birth-to-three" program because I'm just concerned! She's almost 2 1/2, but I just feel concerned about her communication (or lack there of.) Her cognitive ability is no worry---my goodness! She can run, jump and play better than Cailtyn! My biggest concern is she just doesn't mimick sounds like I think she should at her age.....I'll say a word, and she just almost "grunts" back sounds; nothing at all like what I had said. My sister was a Birth-to-three "teacher" for years so I contacted her tonight. She basically said she didn't share 100% of my concerns, but "yes...her communication is a bit of a concern." Bottom-line: the evaluation costs nothing and I can hopefully have some peace of mind regardless of the outcome.

These lil' ladies definitely keep me on my toes! It goes without saying that they are my life. In fact, the other day, a very frightening moment happened as I was driving back from my mom's house. I "head-nodded" about an hour into the drive! Talking about a wake-up call (no pun intended!). The only thoughts going through my head were......"holy buckets! Wake up! If you have an accident---that's it. The family is gone! Wake up and be responsible for your girls!"

And naturally, none of this can be complete with my DH, Paul. Of all the pictures I sorted through tonight to represent him, this is "it!" He loves his girls (even though he jokes about having the shot gun at the door when they start dating; which, by the way, they won't do until they're 23!!!) He is a wonderful dad and husband. He always is giving of his time, and is very understanding when I just need a "break." We are coming up on our 10th anniversary this summer, and the time has amazingly flown by! TEN YEARS!

So on those days when I'm just not feeling very "nice mommy" like, I'll come back to this blog, look at these pictures, and come to realize how fortunate I am. Too many news clips tonight about chldren getting hurt/killed at the hands of their parents. It just makes me want to cry. The heat of the moment can be a bad thing, and i know accidents can always happen.

With Mother's Day right around the corner, this entry seems to fit the bill. Have a wonderful weekend to all and enjoy your day on Sunday! We are all special and our families need us (just as much as we need them.)


Amanda said...

What can I say about such a terrific blog. I never intended having children until , when I was 31 a sudden urge came over me. And then, yes, my sons became everything to me. We used to breathe a sigh every birthday that another year had passed without anything too serious happening! Especially when they were in their teens. But they're 26 and 24 now and we still feel the same. I guess being a parent never stops.

Candace said...

You have a beautiful family. One thing is for sure all children are different and that's as it should be. Enjoy this time. My children are adults now, and I often wish that their childhood period them could come and visit me and I could spend a day with them. They were my little pals, and we had some good times. You have stopped to smell the roses, and that is sometimes very hard to do when you are in the thick of things. Have a happy Mother's Day.

Linda said...

You have a wonderful family. Wow, three girls! I always wanted girls but God had other plans for me. He gave me two wonderful boys. I'm not sure I could have handled girls and I guess God knew that! My boys are different as night and day. They are 26 and 21 and you never stop worrying about them at any age. I have two wonderful grandchildren by my oldest (boy and girl). Children are definitely a gift from God-we should cherish them. Like Amanda said, being a parent never just evolves. Happy Mother's Day. Quilty hugs, Linda

scraphappy said...

I think we may indeed be long lost twins of some sort. My youngest, Sydney, is going to be 5 in 8 days. She had no words at 18 months and was officially diagnosed with a developmental delay. We never really worried, but sort of anxiously watched her for a while. You should hear her now! I know of very few 4 year olds with such elaborate vocabularies. Everyone assures me that it's very common for a third child to rely on the older siblings rather than communicating themselves.
Have you heard the country song about the dad polishing his gun when the boy comes to pick up his daughter? I downloaded it for my husband because he says exactly the same thing.
We'll be celebrating 14 years at the end of the month, and everything you say just sounds so familiar. Enjoy them while you can. In some ways it gets easier as they grow, and in some ways it just gets more complicated, but it does keep changing, and it never goes back again.