Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some new progress: Stars n Stripes

I did indeed sew for a bit last night, but only an hour. By 9:30, I was cashed! These "Block #1's" were half completed, so I was able to whip them out in no time tonight. (18 of them)

I really didn't think I would get all that far because I didn't start sewing until 7:00 tonight, and I wasn't overly motivated. Besides, these blocks may be small and relatively quick, but they can be putzy.

I needed to cut up some more 1.5" strips from the white and red PJ's before I was able to begin the Block #2's.

The 2nd blocks (17 of them) surprisingly went together rather quickly; maybe in a little over an hour. I took some time to lay them out, and I truly had all intentions of stopping once I snapped the picture of all of them laid out, but.......we know how that goes.....

Upon seeing them finished, and knowing it was only 9:15, I figured I would take a little time to attempt some of the sashings. These two sashings were done lickity-split! And naturally, I wanted to get an idea of how large the quilt is at this point, so I took some time to lay out all the blocks and blue squares, leaving room for the sashings yet to come.

With some borders, this is going to be a great lap-sized quilt for my Dad (if I decide to give it to him.) I'm torn between this one and the Oklahoma Backroads quilt that is still spread out on the floor too. Realistically, I think I can finish both within the next two weeks before his Retirement party, so maybe I'll take both of them and have Mom decide. Or, heck, maybe I'll just gift both to him!!! :0)


Amanda said...

You'll be flat out by the weekend! I love the look of this new quilt - I think your Dad would love it, especially the idea of it being made from pyjamas.

Candace said...

How about one for retirement, and one for father's day?

Carol said...

Awesome quilt!

scraphappy said...

Very cute -- of course now that I've seen the fabric, I'm picturing PJs in my mind. You are smart to precut the logs before you start to sew. I didn't do that on my log cabin and they ended up a little wonky. Not wonky enough to look like it was on purpose -- just enough to not want to lay flat.