Friday, May 16, 2008


Running entry again....*yawwwwwwwwwn*

Holy buckets---AGAIN! I ran my 3.2 mile route tonight, which is another out-n-back from the house. I really LIKE this route for training because it's very hilly! Well....ummm...I like it when I'm IN shape! When I'm NOT in shape, it's a big OWWWY!!
The 1.6 m out was okay....tolerable, managable, with LOTS of wind pushing me along :0). But....whew....the turn-around was TOUGH! In fact, WALKING even kept my HR up at 90% of my max HR. YIKES! I didn't even BOTHER trying to run on the way back. Those winds were GUSTY! Nothing beats resistance training. :0)

On the quilting side of life---I really should try to get downstairs tonight, but I'm beat. Not just from running, but I'm just beat! It's been a long week and I am loaded with papers to grade and lesson plans to write for next week. So, I will probably just keep my feet up and grade, grade, grade and plan, plan, plan.

Tomorrow, I have a former student graduating from college. (pictured left----that's me on the right!)

She was my student-aide when she was in HS. She also was my babysitter for years before leaving for out-of-state college two years ago. Also, for the past two years, she and I have been running buddies. It may be "weird" to think that she is a former student of mind and now we are very good and close friends. But, she IS only 10 years younger than me----and I think about some of my close co-workers who are 10 years older than me. It DID take her a while to call me by my first name, though. AND, I still have her younger siblings in my classes, so there are ackward moments when we all may be together. But, what a WONDERFUL family! They have such great morals, and they are so respectful. I wish we could have more students like them!

Actually, come to think of it....I can't really remember WHEN she and I crossed the "teacher-student" line and became "acquaintences." I guess that it is kinda weird.....

Alright, alright....I'm off to grade papers......(maybe!)
It's so tempting to just sit and relax with the laptop and view some blogs.....
(sigh)...what to do, what to do....

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Amanda said...

I think you're pretty amazing to be able to run at all after a day's teaching. I used to go to yoga once a week, but anything more energetic was out. You've been cramming so much in over the last few weeks I'm not surprised you're worn out. Stick with it, only a few weeks to go till the end of term. Then, loads of sewing time.