Thursday, May 22, 2008

One crazy thing after another today!!!

It started like any ordinary day....

...and remained rather ordinary, until about 8:00 pm.
That's when the craziness started!

Paul arrived with THEM around 8:00, with the girls in tow. Of COURSE the girls were chompin' at the bit to see them and get them out of the box as quickly as possible. The girls went CRAZY and GIGGLY and just NUTS! Which, of course, was not all that wonderful because it was BEDTIME! Needless to say, bedtime was postponed for about 30 minutes. So...lalalalala, I finally became the "meanie-mommie" and literally carried and dragged the girls into the house for bed. At 9:00, Paul had not come inside yet, so I went outside to see what he was doing. (Duh, right!)

*chuckling at the memory of what I saw when I walked into the garage. I only WISH I had the camera at that exact moment to capture his face*

In addition to the 4 "big" chickens, he also brought home 10 chicks that are about 4-5 weeks old. I found him unrolling a roll of chicken wire, and his only comment to me was "Umm...did you sense I was in trouble?" and he chuckled.
Come to find out that SEVEN of the chicks had jumped out of the make-shift pen he put together for the night in the garage (only for the little ones. The big ones are outside). Yeah, well, three of them remained in the pen, so he was placing a roll of chicken wire over the top to keep them in. But.......*laffin*.....for the next 20 minutes we were chasing the other SEVEN around the garage, TYRING to catch them and get them in the pen.

Finally....SUCCESS! And here I thought *I* didn't need to do anything with these birds!!!!! So he is now sitting on the couch, reading "Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens" and we're still chuckling over what we MIGHT have gotten ourselves into!!!

Okay...but the craziness doesn't stop there. After reading throught 85 emails, I came across a very curious one. Lo-n-behold, I WON!!!!! I had completely forgotten that the Quilting Gallery ( was having a give-a-way for the 6 month of blogging. Well, I WON! And, of course, I MUST say the ol' cliche---(please forgive me)---- I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!

To wrap up this post, I also ran tonight, but nothing out of the ordinary there, except it really went smoothly. AND, I think I figured out why I've been registering "dead" in the HR%. I think my watch batteries need to be replaced, because at about 3 minutes into my run, my watch went "wacko" and started beeping, then went completely blank. Good thing I had a BACKUP watch on.....(yeah, yeah, yeah....a bit weird! I know!!!) I like wearing both watches, because my "normal" watch, I use to keep an eye on my time, and the HR watch I use see my HR. So, another 3.2 miles down, with yet another tiny improvement on my time.

Off to bed I go.....HOPING I won't hear the chicks! (Our bedroom shares a wall with the garage)......

Happy Thursday! I probably won't be checking in again until Sunday night.


Amanda said...

Sounds like fun - I'm sure your chicks will be terrible time wasters until they grow up and become a bit more boring. Do you have to fox-proof your chicken run? We have so many here that people have to go extraordinary lengths to safeguard them.

85 emails???

Have a great weekend.

Candace said...

Sounds like fun, I can't wait until you get the pigs (lol). If they get out, it must be fun to chase them, as my nieces and nephews do that for fun in Iowa.
Congratulations on your win. What was the prize?