Thursday, May 29, 2008

one more week, this-n-that, life has become crazy!

Oh, where to begin!
I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've updated on here!
The school year is winding down, but the level of expectancies sure hasn't! Between writing finals, grading projects, grading homework (because of COURSE we need to keep the kids on their toes until the last day!!!), and getting all that blasted paperwork into the District Office (surveys, and more surveys, and Purcahse orders for next year's budget)---I'm just TRYING to keep my head above water right now.

My energy level slowly gets zapped period by period---I can't believe how many of my 8th graders have "closed up shop" already. Amazingly, my high school web design class is still plugging away. They really don't have a choice---many of them still have three projects to whip out my next Friday's deadline! But....these 8th graders!!! My Math 8 group (outside of about 8 of them) have just shut down. I'm typically up jumping around the classroom, keeping them excited about finding correct methods of solving problems, trying to over-react "crazily" when they make correct responses....But......My energy is TRULY just getting zapped. One after another...."ugh, do I really have to do this?" "oh, who cares?" "this is just pointless" "*eyes wandering outside*". It's draining!!! Mind you, Math 8 is my lower students---those students that don't have high math academic understanding. So, many of them already don't have much of a work ethic :0(

BUT, even my Algebra 8 students are starting to shut down! Ahhhh! These are the students that help me keep my sanity on a day-to-day basis. These are the students who CARE about their grades and their learning. These are the students who enjoy math, understand math, and get excited with challenges.

Well....not these past two days! Many of them haven't been able to find the "passion" for learning that last new topic of the year. Oh dear......

However, with all of this said, I did pull aside one of my Math 8 students and thanked her. and I quote..."Kenzie. Thank you! It truly is students like you that make my job worth while. You were absent yesterday, but here you are, bright and early, finding out what you missed and what needs to be made up." THIS girl is a student who was CONSTANTLY absent as a 7th grader, RARELY turned in homework assignments. WOW! She has had an amazing "maturing" year. Her response was memorable. and I quote...(dumb-founded)...."wow, Mrs. S. I really wasn't expecting to hear anything like that, but it sure means a lot. Thank you!"

So, here I sit---head spinning with what I even need to accomplish tonight. I've already written the Team Quiz for Math 8 tomorrow. I need to write both Math 8 and Algebra 8 finals (but I'll probably procrastinate and write them over the weekend.) I have a few late papers that need to be graded (but I'll probably procrastinate and grade them tomorrow during prep.) I have McD's projects to grade---a GOOD THREE HOURS WORTH!!! UGH! (But I'll put that off until the car-ride to Grandma's house tomorrow while Paul is driving us there.) Purchase orders are definitely on the agenda (but I'll put those off until the drive HOME from Grandma's house because I'll beg Paul to drive back too (a 2 1/2 hour trip)---and we have a rule that if one drives up, the other of us will drive back---so I'll really have to beg.)

Why all this procrastination? Because I haven't SEWED since Monday!!!! My sewing room is still a-shambles with scraps strewn about from the final steps of Grandpa's Stars-n-Stripes. I'd like to get down there and clean up, and MAYBE even tackle some more of OC#4 since #5 has been published already.

I will try to take some time to peek at my faithful followers' blogs (specially a certain SOMEONE who has had her first week of summer vacation!!)......*sigh*.....soon.......soon......I can make it!


scraphappy said...

Think of it as mile 23.1, really hard, but you know the end is near, just a 5K left to go. You could run a 5K in your sleep, right? Welcome back, remember, one foot in front of the other, again and again, and again.

Amanda said...

Welcome back - it sounds as if your term is a week too long for everybody. The great thing about teaching Juniors was that you could just give in during that last week, tidy up the classroom, have fun, have longer breaks, more PE lessons etc and just about survive till the end. My advice - make a list! I don't know that it ever helped get things done, but I just kept making lists and ticking things off. It certainly helped my head! Keep going, you're nearly there.

Patchwork Penguin said...

My twins are in 8th grade..... they know better than to shut down early. My question is, who is the yahoo that tells the kids that the grades have to be in a week before school is done......... to me this is stupid. Why not teach up to the end when we can check grades on line? Those parents without a computer can elect to get a paper copy of the report card.

Ok, off my teacher soap box (yes I am a teacher - unemployed but a teacher).

Hugs and enjoy your summer!! You earned it.

Kay said...

I'm amazed at how you're getting any sewing done at all with all the energy you're putting into your students. Good for you!