Monday, May 12, 2008

Progress, not perfection...

No folks. This title does not refer to quilting in any way shape or form.


...I finally got motivated and hit the road for the first time in months!!! I talked with a co-worker earlier today who is interested in competing in her first 5K---she does not consider herself a runner (yet). So, I told her about a race that is coming up in four weeks that I HAD planned on doing, but wasn't really preparing for most likely would NOT have run it. However, we both made the commitment to each other today, so.......time to start training again.

I have a Road-ID bracelet that I wear in the event I keel over and die when I'm out training for my marathon since those runs need to be on the upwards of 15+ miles......
anyway....the last line I have on my ID is a saying: "Progress, not perfection."

Oh I EVER need to keep that in mind today!

A simple two miles today, just to get the road under my feet again. Holy Buckets! You'd think my body has never run that duration before! Pant-Pant-Gasp------I think you are seeing a "picture." It is Dang-tootin windy out today! So the mile out was full-force wind coming at me. By the time I hit the turn-around (which is actually only .9 miles out), my heart-rate (HR) was at 101% of my max!!! Here's a word to the wise for those non-runners out there-----101% of your max is NOT GOOD unless you're sprinting for the finish line of a race!
So, at the turn around-----walking time! I allowed myself to walk for 100-200 meters, at the same time bringing my HR down to 77%, then started off jogging again.
Now, I DID say the wind was against me heading out, right?!?! in the HECK was it against me AGAIN on the way back?!?!? To add to this, there is a majorly minor hill halfway up our road.

(definition of a majorly minor hill: not huge, but not little--about 200 meters long, somewhat steep).

By the time I emerged at the top, my HR was back up to 102%, so I walked .....again! Another 100 meters later, I was back jogging to bring me back to home.

So......1.8 miles took me........20:08 minutes! *gasp!!!* Not the best time in the world, by far! My average HR was 174bpm (beats per minute). The good news: I burned 174 calories. (All data is from my HR monitor---I love it!)

When I came back from the run, Paul and the girls were gone. So, I guessing they are off to pick up the chickens (and chickies) from his friend. I should head downstairs to do some quilting, but I think I'll be opening up my Running Training log from last summer and start planning out my schedule for this year. Hey....who knows.....the race that I have my PR (personal record) in is 6 weeks away. That might just be enough time to whip my legs and body back into "break-neck-speed" shape.

okay, okay, just kidding! I'm no cheetah; I'm short!!! 5'3, born with sprinting legs. It's difficult to train my muscles to endure the distance!!! Give me a 200 meter race and I'll DEFINITELY be in my element!


scraphappy said...

Way to go! You can't be a runner if you don't run. Even a painful horrible run is better than not being able to. The bad runs only help us appreciate the good ones that come later. I'm out of platitudes, now, but congratulations anyway.

Amanda said...

Sounds like really hard work - think how noble you'll feel once you've recovered! I'm no runner (too many ankle/knee problems and it's boring!) but Christopher is and says that if you're not far out of fitness it soon comes back.

Carol said...

I am tired just listening to you!
I walk, not run, and it is amazing how much energy you get but just walking a mile and a half a day. Keep up the good work, we are all cheering you on! ;D

Candace said...

I admire you so much, it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to keep going, and then go back for more. I never had that. In gym we always ran the straightaways and walked the curves (on the track) and I was always glad for the curves.