Sunday, May 4, 2008

Catching up and "Treasures found"

WOW! It's been since Tuesday!
I headed to Mom's on Wednesday and didn't arrive until late. Then, had to get up EARLY Thursday to get to my math workshop 2 hours from mom's house. *sigh*.....I was disappointed in the workshop, but did learn a few things.

Not surprising, the day didn't improve until I stopped at a quilt shop near the convention. I hit a jackpot of scraps! I picked up 5 Gallon-size bags of scraps for $1.50 each (one was larger and was $3.00). Pictured here are all the scraps separated by darks and lights. I can using these on the Oklahoma Backroads for my dad.

Also, this piece was in one of the bags of scraps. My gosh! It's practially finished! The quilting motive is already chalked into it for me! I'm thinking of finishing this one with hand-quilting. It's small enough and I have so much better stitches by hand than by machine.

Once I arrived back at my mom's house, she informed me it was the "City-wide" garage sale weekend. Well...golly gee! I know I don't have to tell you what we did the next morning!!!

It is quite comical how "quilters" see garage sales. Take, for instance, this stack of men's plaids. Jackpot at one sale!!! Each shirt was $.50 - $1.00. My mom said "oh...did you find some shirts for Paul?" I simply said...."Nope! I found some great fabric for my next quilt!!!!"

Here are some other finds.....
Lovely purple/blue flower "Scrubs." $1.00. I'm SURE I'll find a nice project for this fabric. How cute!

Plus, I'm all about color-coordinating (as long as a project is NOT meant to be scrappy.) These are also purple (but difficult to tell from the photo.) And these are also HUGE! You can't really tell how HUGE they are, but I could easily put both of my legs in one of these. These were a bit more expensive, but worth the fabric. Easily a yard and a half here! $2.50

Amazing deal here!!!! TEN CENTS! Then again, WHO really would wear this?!?!? But, there is SO much fabric here! Easily over a yard!

These "Grandpa PJ's" were at one garage sale for $1.00 a set. (The white and red are each a set of a top and matching shorts.) The navy blue is a short-sleeve shirt, and the bottom red fabric is a pair of "relaxing" pants. The reds are actually burgandy, and I thought they would create a great Red, White and Blue something-er-other.

Well, off to the local Florist for some plum and pear trees. Maybe some potatoes, strawberries and rhubard bushes too.


Candace said...

Sounds like even if your workshop wasn't the best that you had a nice visit with your mom. Lots of great finds, too.

scraphappy said...

Wow, what great shopping. I love quilts made from mens shirts. They are so soft and worn in. I get mine at the Goodwill, but you found much better prices. Way to go.

Amanda said...

Welcome back! It's a shame the workshop wasn't too special - it's so great when you come back enthused from a course isn't it? But at least your visit wasn't wasted - great finds.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Great finds! I can't wait to hit a few yard sales myself this summer.