Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A comment from Sandi B (no-reply)

And Sandi writes....

Sandi B has left a new comment on your post "Someone take MURPHY AWAY!!!! - UPDATE":

I have an older Bernina 1090 that is very fussy about the thread I use. If I use anything besides Aurifil (extremely low lint and slubs), the machine will get knocked out of time & has to go into the shop to be reset. If I had to place a bet on yours, I'd say you also have one that's picky about what thread it wants. While the Aurifil is pricey to start with, it's certainly cheaper than going in for service AND the thread lasts FOREVER!! You might give it a whirl! Nice quilts, by the way!

THANKS for the input Sandi! I'll have to ask my tech guy if he thinks that may be the problem and invest in some Aurifil!

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jillquilts said...

Some machines are very picky! Someone told me that their machine (same as mine) couldn't use MasterPiece. Mine likes it just fine! lol

What kind of thread do you usually use?