Thursday, July 8, 2010

My sister's ...

Some of you have left comments regarding DH. I've not allowed his ego to get too large by some of the comments....but when he saw the camera come out today to show how he chose to "do dishes"...I caught him JUST as he was starting to de-clothe himself! LOL....."GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF HERE!"

So...I don't actually have any pics of him "doing dishes," I'll have to explain.

DH has been growing a reputation of making egg-rolls for, getting ready to leave for my sister's.....and he asked if we should make egg-rolls for my sis and hubby, so I said "sure." BUT, our deep-fryer was a bit more than dirty! So.....seriously.....he pulled the power-washer out of the garage!!! As he started "washing" the fryer, oil chucks were flying back at him, and he didn't want his clothes to get dirty.......hence----he de-clothed! Well, not COMPLETELY!!!! He kept his briefs on! {{and nobody needs to see THOSE pictures}} :0) at my sister's...I LOVE that she has wireless! I can post over the weekend with my OWN computer and OWN photo files :0)

And I forgot all about this table runner I gifted her years ago (before I REALLY got serious with quilting) .... {{and she says to ignore the piles!}}

The blocks were all cross-stitched (back when I did that). Six of the blocks were specialized with specific dates and years that pertain to my SIS and BIL's life/marriage/etc. I guess I feel pretty proud that she still keeps it out on the catch-all-clutter table formal dining room table.

So....I think I'm off to enjoy sitting back with another good smut book; my sister is good about loading me up :0)

Happy Thursday


scraphappy said...

Used to do cross stitch -- add that to the twin list. However, sad to say that my DH doesn't do dishes with the power wash in his skivvies. He has threatened to do the kitchen floor that way, but I've never let him further than the pool deck with it. Have a great weekend. Glad you have internet.

Patchwork Penguin said...

OH my.... it has gotten much warmer in this room :O)... I think that would be an entirely new blog for you.

Have fun at your sister's!

jillquilts said...

Cue the stripper tunes!! ;) HUBBA HUBBA!!! lol

That's great that your sis keeps the runner out all the time! Very sweet!!!

orchidlover said...

Oh I've come over all unneccessary. LOL

Love the table runner, so personal

Love and hugs Gina xxx