Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIZZY PLUS quilted; some family life; & Blue Ridge Beauty update

I'm still working on my Wednesday Goals. The list is slowly getting checked off.

I stepped outside to photograph Dizzy Plus. The temp isn't too bad; mid 80's. Not NEAR as bad as the East Coast today. I feel for you guys over there!!!!!
With the busy-ness of the pattern, it really is difficult to see the quilting. Mary (maryquilts) wrote about this pantograph back in October, 2009 that she uses with many of her QOVs, so I thought I'd have a go at it. Ebb and Flow, 6" pantograph. (the linked site has other AMAZING pantographs that I'm resisting at the moment, but hard to resist!). I had to adjust the pantograph just a little bit; once the quilt reaches the last couple of turns on the roller, it gets quite thick, and with only a 8.75" (max) throat space on the Juki, a 6" pantograph JUST gets clipped on the edges. This is a very "forgiving" pantograph because of the flowiness.

I DO know the limits of my Brother and my patience level, so the binding will need to wait until Bernina returns.

Bobbins used: 12 1/2
Quilting time (start to finish): 6 hours

Some family life at the household today...

Most of you know that I have three girls, but really only one "girly girl." I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of her outfit yesterday!!! Full length, pink dress; tights-n-all, and heel shoes. She is SUCH SUCH SUCH a girl! Here's the outfit of choice today....

...and "monkey see, monkey do." Candace wasn't far behind her with her own "pretty dress."

...but she's not as much of a girly girl :0)

Oh, and....Does this happen to you? I have NO idea any more how exactly this happened today, but Surgeon Candace thought she'd attempt to help Mom out....

....yeah...she gave up after not too long ;0)

No pics of Cassie today; she's still in her skimpies, PJ's. Pay NO attention to the time!!! ;0)

On a final note...I forgot that I spent some time pressing my leaders-enders project Blue Ridge Beauty yesterday evening before starting Dizzy.
Here was my status in January....

and with a few other leaders-enders inbetween, I added another 60 4-patches to the stack. Current numbers: 120 4-patches and 150 HST's. If I recall correctly, the pattern for a big ol' queen requires 448 of each. Okay....a bit to go! ;0)


Tracy said...

I really love your Dizzy Plus quilt!
And here in the East it is HOT...HOT...HOT! Right now it's 99 according to WeatherBug, but we can round that up to 100 can't we?!!
(At our House Of Boys we used to say "tighty whiteys"!)

Miss 376 said...

I love the look of concentration on her face, lol

Winona said...

Dizzy Plus is gorgeous, as are your girls. I have 3 girls too (also 2 boys), but none of them are girly, girly. Looks like you are making progress on your to do list. Winona

scraphappy said...

Dizzy turned out great -- 12.5 bobbins, wow, that is a bunch! What was the finished size? The girls are looking adorable as always. Just love the extra time to hang out in summer.

jillquilts said...

Dizzy looks great!!! Just a question about how you load your quilts - long ways so that a long edge of the quilt is attached to the poles or top to bottom even if that means the skinny side is what is loaded? Does that make sense? lol

And warning on the finger nail there!!! Gives me the willies thinking about bending one back like that and it happens to me ALL THE TIME!!! :(

Jackie said...

Your girls are just precious! I have 2 boys and missed out on all the girly stuff.

Dizzy came out beautifully. 12 bobbins! WOW!

Candace said...

Your girls are such cuties. I always wished I had sisters (I didn't provide my daughter with any either).
Love your quilt, and I can look at it without getting dizzy, just admire it.