Sunday, July 4, 2010

Home from travels... my travels were only 2 hours away, unlike Angela.....**sigh**. Oh how lovely it would be to take a cruise!

I enjoyed a quiet, slow-paced weekend at the farm with my in-laws, minus a husband. He actually spent the weekend working and staying at MY parent's house, 2.5 hours south, while I was up in Ashland (Lake Superior) with his parents. Kinda comical, maybe...but we hadn't been to the farm in awhile and the girls wanted to go. Besides, I transported a couple of buckets of potatoes for FIL to plant since he lost almost half his potatoes :0( He and I spend some of Saturday morning in the garden; but WHEWWW-EEEE! It didn't take long for the day to heat up!!! I spent most of the afternoon in the AC'd remodeled farm house with quilt books & magazines, graph paper, scissors, Bonnie K. Hunter designs and some men's shirts that have been collecting on my shelves over the past year. I thought a "down" weekend with little technology available would be a perfect way to finally take care of cutting up some of the shirts.

Anyway--I haven't taken any recent pics. I can't believe I didn't snap a single pic this weekend!!!!! This is step #5 of Judy's June Mystery that I was able to partially sew up before leaving on Friday. I'm about half done. After an eye-appointment tomorrow, I hope to finish it up; in addition to step #6 (and final step) of the Dizzy: QOV#22 mystery.

Plans for the rest of the evening? Well, in addition to having some down-time for some cutting and designing, I also packed a smut book Harlequin Romance novel and READ! I haven't allowed myself that luxury of getting roped in a book in a long time. I finished it off lickity-split, and bought two more at the local Goodwill! So...some good smut romance on the horizons tonight. ;0)

To my fellow Americans, I hope your day remembering our Independence has treated you well! Happy Indenpendence Day!

To everyone else: Happy Sunday!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I know you mentioned other stuff, but I just keep giggling about the "smut book". Glad you had a great weekend!

scraphappy said...

Our "twindom" is creepy sometimes. Saturday after we got back I zipped a load of stuff off to goodwill and stopped in for another load of shirts. While I was there I couldn't resist a handful of ten cent romance novels. I think I got both kinds, Harlequin and Silhouette. I wouldn't have admitted it without the nudge though.

jillquilts said...

You block looks great! Woo hoo on the light on the technology weekend! And enjoy the smut! lol