Friday, July 16, 2010

As Carol stated---TGIF

I've missed the relaxing days of getting up every morning, sitting with my coffee, inspecting the latest posts from everyone, and then spending much of my day downstairs sewing, quilting, etc.

Today is Friday which means NO SCHOOL. I'm going to have a "ME" day.

I don't wanna clean, so I'm not gonna.
I don't wanna spend hours in the garden, so I'm not gonna (at least not until MAYBE later tonight when it's cooler)

I'm gonna sew.

And last night, during a commercial of "The Ultimate Gift," I quickly ran downstairs and grabbed my machine and block units to set up on the kitchen table. I felt so guilty not sewing, but I really wanted to watch this movie to the end {which, BTW, made me cry and laugh some MORE after my post----A++++ movie!!! Definitely a "chick-flick"). I have a TV downstairs, but we don't have it connected to our satellite; we only have a DVD/VCR set up with it.

Today, I hope to finish all the Jared Takes a Wife piecing to reach flimsy status. I don't have any green thread, NOR do I have an idea in mind for a backing, so I don't know if I can keep plugging away to actually get a finish, but.....we'll see.

Oh yeah...and check out the basement update! I came home on Tuesday to find DH working away on the room. Standing in the room....WOW....walls sure "small-ize" the space!!! And just last night, he said "How 'bout working on the room Saturday? Together, I think we can get it all finished...."

Well, who am I to say NO?? Afterall, I DID set a goal of end-of-July for the room to be done {{secretively: I NEVER dreamed it could actually happen!}}. So...if I'm going to do that on Saturday, I REALLLY want to spend my day "ME-WISE" today :0)

Happy FRIDAY!!!!


Quilter Kathy said...

Enjoy sewing on your "ME" day...sounds fabulous!

Miss 376 said...

Have fun on your me day. My boys have just left for a sleepover, so I have the rest of the day and tomorrow morning for me

Linda said...

The movie is definitely a great chick flick--But I love it. I have watched it several times! It covers all emotions.
Have a wonderful day of non-stop sewing.

Tracy said...

Those walls are fantastic, I can see a pretty quilt hanging on them.

jillquilts said...

Well, that is just awesome!!! I have noticed all the wood showing in your house pictures.... Do you guys live in a cabin? Just curious. It looks very cool!

scraphappy said...

Walls! How cool! He does realize that this is your sewing space and not a bedroom for the girls, right? It is going to be so much more fun to sew in this beauty of a room than in the unfinished basement. Good luck getting it done this month.