Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Calling all gardeners! Can you identify this plant?

Last week while weeding, I came across this "plant"(?) and didn't have any idea what it was. I couldn't bare to pick it (them).... I thought....maybe potato??? I STILL don't know what it is, and there's not just ONE.

...I pulled two of the smaller ones out to get a look at what was underneath.....but that didn't help either. There are still 6 in the dirt. DH said..."just leave 'em---we'll see what happens."

And taking a closer look at our potato plants.....{{shrug}}....
...I have NO CLUE! Do you?????

This is the same area where we had tomatos last year, NEAR the edge of the potato area. And I have NO CLUE what was in this area the year before.

Within this SAME area, this gem showed up too...
It's in with the green beans (you might see the green bean plant just to the right of this leafy thing). It ALMOST looks like a sweet potato, but we've never had them planted until this year....on the other side of the garden. Any guesses????? And you got it....I couldn't pull it!

We DID bring a lot of horse-manure from the meadow and tilled it into this area....maybe some "pretty" weeds???????

OH! And, while pulling weeds tonight...I counted FOURTEEN tomato plants that have grown from dropped tomatoes last year. And.....chuckling just a bit.... you guessed it! .... I couldn't pull 'em!!!!}} ; even though they are in the walkways of the peas and beans this year. However, this picture shows FIVE that are all along the fence. CRAZY!

Actually, CRAZY is what I am for NOT pulling them! AS IF we need more tomato plants! Those FOURTEEN will bring our total to EIGHTY TWO!!!!!!! tomato plants!!!!!!! But those 14 are most likely cherry tomatoes, which we DON'T have planted this year. Tomatoes anyone? (ya think I got carried away planting seeds this year?? How was I to know that ALLLLLL of them would survive once in the garden?!?!??! They haven't before!!! I guess those milk cartons REALLLLLY work!)

And, the rest of the garden.....Despite the weeds, the corn is doing well!

A few peppers starting to show. Which reminded me that the pickling cucumbers were JUST sprouting when I was out the other day.
I wasn't expecting THIS already!
After a little search, I pulled four lil' picklers off the vines. Too bad I'm out of town until Sunday now---I have a feeling I have a big job on my hands once back home!!!

I spent some time picking the last of the rhubarb I plan on harvesting this year and chopped it up. In the freezer already.

Oh...and remember the strawberries last week????
SO MUCH BETTER, even though those weeds are still there!!!!

Alrighty then....with the garden is somewhat weeded condition, we're heading out of town tomorrow---the WHOLE family! DH has cleared his calendar and will make the 5 hour drive to my sister's with us.

The reason I needed to pack the girls up today is because they will be spending a week at my sister's and then up to two weeks at my parent's house. I have two weeks of Math Grant "stuff" coming up; and the 3rd week down the line is VBS at my mom's church; the girls attend every year. This year, I'll leave the choice completely up to them. Three weeks is a LONG time to be away from home (and for me to have them out of my hair away from my loving arms) ;0)

Most of my to-do list was tackled; just a few odds-n-ends yet to take care of tomorrow AM before heading out.

Happy Wednesday evening everyone!


scraphappy said...

Sorry, I'm no help on the weed identification. You are going to have tomatoes coming out of your ears very soon. I hope you have some good canning recipes waiting.
Have a safe trip to your sisters. I hope you'll have internet access so you can keep us all posted. I can't imagine being without the kids for three weeks! I'm sure they will be well taken care of though.

jillquilts said...

WOW!!! You got lots of stuff!! Too bad I'm not closer... I LOVE fresh tomatoes!! :)

Now... What's the Math Grant stuff? Inquiring minds and all! :)

Pat said...

The first weed looks like pigweed. The second could be bindweed. You don't want either of those to continue growing in your garden. Both can be quite invasive.

I have learned a few things from my farmer husband and recently graduated Agronomist son. It is interesting (?) to have my son, inform me of all of the weeds in my yard and garden and then tell me he just advises, he doesn't actually pull weeds. Grrrr

Pat from MN

Quilter Kathy said...

You sound like me with my garden, except you have 20 times more plants and I can hardly keep up! You have hours of harvesting work ahead of you girl!

Amanda said...

Nope, I'm no use on your weeds either. With all you've got growing you surely don't need anything else. You're going to be picking like mad once those tomatoes start to ripen. Have a good trip.

惠桂惠桂 said...


Jackie said...

So you're making tomato sauce for all of us?!

Good luck on the plant identification. I'm not going to be any help there. I'm sure the girls will enjoy their time away. My kids went to their grandmothers on their dads side for 4-6 weeks every summer and love every second of it.

Winona said...

I think the first weed is pig weed. I hate those and pull everyone I see before they get big. If it is what I think it is, the bigger it gets, the harder it is too pull. Not sure what the second one is. Kind of like our morning glory plants. I also would not let it go. They basically wrap around your garden plants and choke them out. Your garden reminds me of our garden back in the day when all 5 kids were home. You have lots of hours of harvesting and putting up ahead of you girl. Have a good visit with your sister. Winona

Tracy said...

I'm pretty sure they're weeds. I did the same thing last year and let these crazy looking plants grow thinking they were squash or something...NOT! By the time I figured out that they were weeds, they were so huge I could hardly pull the suckers out!
Eighty-two tomato plants?!! Holy cow girl, you will be drowning in tomato juice pretty soon! I'm impressed!

SheilaC said...

Your garden is amazing!! You are either getting some good rain or doing a lot of watering.
They have just announce watering restrictions here, so not sure what people with gardens will do.

Can't wait to see your tomato harvest :)


Alycia said...

I think that is a weed - at least I hope so, cuz I always pull them out. I think that horse manure carries them - as that is our fertilizer too .