Monday, July 19, 2010

Rolling Star pattern & how I applique

The Rolling Star pattern can be found in the September 2005 "Quilter's Newsletter Magazine." It was drafted by Lee Fowler after being inspired by a circa-1930's newspaper clipping showing a drawing of four blocks. Lee drafted this for hand-piecing and gives tips and tricks to assist a quilter. I attempted hand-piecing, but found it too time-consuming and I was afraid that the blocks/pieces wouldn't stay together. So, out came the machine---at a MUCH slower machine-pace due to the curves, but still faster than hand-piecing.

When I applique (the few times that I have done it), I use washable glue-sticks and freezer-paper. Here are my steps (sorry for no pics).
1) Trace the finished sized piece on freezer-paper;
2) Iron it (no steam) to the back of the fabric.
3) Cut out shape, eyeballing up 1/4" seam.
4) Press the seam over the edge of the freezer paper.
5) Remove paper. Repress if needed.
6) Unfold seam allowance and dab glue on egde of seam. Refold.
7) Press one final time. (Press on an old towel in case any glue is beyond the folded seam allowance)
8) Machine applique onto background. Sometimes I pin, depending on the size of the piece. Sometimes I dab another dallop of glue to hold the piece in place. I USUALLY use a blanket-stitch with the Bernina foot #20.

{{I'll need to applique again soon, so I can add pics later on.....Be sure to check "Email follow up comments" when you post because I'll submit a comment once pics are added to this "tutorial"---if interested}}


jillquilts said...

That almost sounds like the Penny Haren way of piecing and applique with a glue stick. Very interesting! :)

Caroline in NH said...

Oooh, I have *decades* worth of back issues of QNM. I looked it up online and I recognize the cover - I'm sure I have that issue. I'll be looking for it this week! Thank you so much for sharing that!

scraphappy said...

I love to do hand applique, but if you want to do it by machine, take a look at this tutorial from an old Simply quilts that uses glue stick and freezer paper to do curved machine pieced circles. I made a polka dot quilt this way a couple of years ago and it worked great:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial Amy. It's always interesting to find out how other people do it. Im more of a traditionalist in terms of English paper piecing and cut out lots of bits of paper and sew each one into a piece of fabric. I actually really like the rustle of a finished block as I sew it in place, before I remove the papers. I'll have to post about my mammoth paper pieced undertaking on my blog sometime... A good incentive to pull it off the UFO pile (again).

Cornfield Quilter said...

I want to make this quilt! I get the magazine but have been intimidated. You make it sound so easy! Now to find my magazine. Hmmmmm

scottylover said...

How pretty! I have that magazine...One of these days I'll get some made!

Sandy A

Anonymous said...


Teaquilts said...

Great project. I'll have to pull my magazine to take a look.