Saturday, July 17, 2010

Manual Labor day...

DH: What are you doing today?
Me: Silly question.
DH: You want to come and help stain a deck?
Me: No
{{I head off to shower, and get to thinking....}}
Me: Toweling off...How big is Tucker's deck?
DH: Not too big, why?
Me: Well, just doing a math problem. Two people working together makes a job get done that much faster.
DH: Smugly...Doesn't take a math teacher to figure that one out.
Me: Well, the way I see it... If two projects need to be done, but only one person is "in the know," it only makes sense to have both people working together to get to finishes or NEAR-finishes for each.
DH: complacent look
Me: Do you know what I'm getting at?
DH: Duh---you want your room finished.

So.....I can "give" a little if it means I get that much closer to having a completed room.

Let's see....
Hmmm.....I think he's going to risk the possile rain coming this afternoon. So, we better get going!

Have a wonderful Saturday


Linda said...

Enjoy your day with DH!

Winona said...

Hope your room gets finished quickly. Winona

Jackie said...

Way to work it! :)