Friday, July 2, 2010

Stash Manicure's montly giveaway

Just a quick lil' post...

stashmanicure blog is having their monthly drawing. Linda (living4quilting) posted about it and sent me over. Maybe some of her luck will rub off!!!! ;0)

It's Friday of a holiday weekend in the USA. I'll be heading out-of-town sometime today, but I'll "let the wind carry me" as it will today. I know i need some time in the garden to water everything; I want to get SOME time downstairs. I took most of the day off yesterday! I DID work on my Carolina Christmas for about an hour, and I think I have one more hour ahead of me to finish off the top!!! Would love to give you a pic before heading out.

Okay---now that my day has some direction; I'm off!

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