Thursday, December 2, 2010

December goals...

Angela wrote one
Alycia wrote one
Jill wrote one

Who else writes them?

My turn....

November accomplishments:
Enjoyed State Volleyball with some of my girls
Organized and hosted Volleyball season-end banquet
Spent 10-15 hours each weekend dedicated towards AP-Statistics lessons
Got back down to the quilting room!! :0)
Chose fabrics for RRCB
Finished step #1 of RRCB; started step #2
Started Jen's Diamonds
Pieced Angie's quilt top
Pieced Kayla's Morning Run horse quilt
Bought some more fabric
Started In Flight

December goals:
Continue spending ~10 hr/weekend towards AP-Statistics lessons
Finish quilting Twilight for customer
Quilt Morning Run for Kayla
Quilt (and name) Angie's quilt
Finish Jen's Diamonds
Start/Finish Travis's Camo quilt
Quilt Green Beauty for Kathy
Stay caught up in RRCB
Finish In Flight top and quilting
Quilt Transitions
DO NOT buy any more fabric to finish the year's Stash Report in the black

I think that's enough.....


scraphappy said...

I think that is enough for several people.

Charlene S said...

wow! Those are lots of goals! I have a few myself but I call it a must-do list. I already know that 1 project on that list will not be finished for December 25th or even December 31st. I hope you achieve all yours.

The Quilting Pirate said...

WOW, those are some hefty goals!! I applaud your dedication! My goal is to enjoy December to the fullest and if I get some sewing done, bonus :) Seems like you are very successful with your goals - good luck!!

jillquilts said...

Great lists!!! I keep meaning to write up goals for December, but they are all just floating around in my head for now. lol

How are the AP-Statistics classes going? Are you able to keep up with the planning for the lessons? I guess you would be cuz you are teaching them. lol And if you teach the class again next year, you won't need to do as much planning again, right? That would be a bonus! :)

Happy quilting!