Friday, January 24, 2014

A memorable day; exhausting but memorable

My day started out quite non-stressful.

Teachers had a half-day inservice in the afternoon, therefore the morning schedule was a bit of a mix-it-up day.  From time to time on early release days, in attempt to "balance out" missed classes due to early releases, the schedule skips some early morning classes, and rearranges to allow for afternoon classes instead.
Therefore, my first class today was my 7th period small-group Math RTI (Response to Intervention) class -- 7 students.  The class that did NOT meet today:  AP-STATS.  Therefore, today was the FIRST morning all year that I didn't need to sit and fret over being prepared or not for my 1st hour class.

Instead, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up an apple coffee cake and some SunnyD for my RTI kiddos.  Today, being the last day of the 1st semester, meant that I needed to do some benchmark testing with them.  So, we had a little "family" breakfast before the assessments :)

The good news:  They all improved.  Substantially, for most.  One of them improved out of "below average" to "well above average" AND she earned graduation from the additional assistance group!  Another student also earned graduation, but he actually chose to stay -- he's so proud of his success -- and confidence!

The next class was my typical 2nd period class;  small quiz planned today.

the entire student body headed to the gymnasium for a surprise send-off for one of our staff members who is leaving on his 3rd deployment for the National Guard.
Pete is a Special Education instructor at our school;  his wife is the 7-12 Guidance counselor, and he has three children still in the school system, grades 4, 8, 10.   Pete received a QOV last year from me;  the presentation was extremely emotional.  Today was no different.
Mr. Hopke's Send Off
A coworker recorded the first 14 minutes of the 45 minute presentation.  There were many teary eyes in the gymnasium.  The sacrifices that our military and their families make.... there are no words that can truly describe appreciation for what they do!
Our middle school science teacher (in the video) shared a wonderful analogy of the meaning behind our nation's Pledge of Allegiance.

Once the assembly came to an end, I was emotionally spent.  Truly.
I believe it was also slightly compounded by a bug hitting my system;  the bone-aches and headache were starting to settle in.

The day was finished with two more classes and hours of semester-end to-do lists during the afternoon inservice.  Followed by a birthday party and a late-night arrival home just to prepare everyone and everything for a full-day of basketball tournaments tomorrow, going as a solo-parent.

And now, at the end of the day, I watch Pete's send-off video again... and the reality of what he and his family will be living for the next year sinks in even more...... and it makes me so super appreciative of my husband and family.  I take so many things for granted far too often.

May your weekend be filled with happiness!
Happy Friday.


Amanda said...

Your send-off party certainly will have made it very personal for you all. We had a friend who spent six months in Afghanistan last year, as a member of the Territorial Army (volunteer, part time reservists) and it made us more aware of what soldiers and their families go through.
And what a boost for you as well, with your students all making progress with your help. Hope the bug doesn't turn into anything too nasty.

soscrappy said...

What a huge day. The end of the semester is always such a busy time on its own. Add in all the other -- wow -- you must be exhausted. Hope you can rest on Sunday, though Saturday will be anything but restful

Andee said...

As an ex Army wife I can appreciate all the sacrifices Pete and his family are making...he will be in my prayers this long year! :) Thanks for sharing him with us!