Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A whole lotta "new"ness!

Promptly at 9:20AM yesterday, the delivery man showed up with our furniture delivery.  To start the unloading from the back:  a California King sleep-set (box spring and mattress).

Dear Paul had worked the night shift (7PM - 7AM), and had arrived home, showered, and literally had about 20 minutes of rest (on the couch) before the delivery men arrived.  Being the big burly man that he is, he helped with the unloading.  The sad news:  the mattress was FROZEN SOLID!!!!!  There would be NO SLEEPING on it for at least a few hours!

Having another day off of school due to extreme cold temperatures, I used the opportunity to give the bedroom a bit of a cleaning and washed up all the bedding.
This picture doesn't really show the HUGE change for us.  Roll Roll Cotton boll fit rather nice..... on the top, but!...... I figured, it simply wasn't going to due anymore.  The sides are way way too short :D  {{I need to get my butt going on Celtic Solstice now!!!!}}
Please observe the top edge of the wood frame -- that is where the height of our LAST mattress  ended.  There was NO box-spring under our previous mattress.  We have an old waterbed frame that we picked up for a REASONABLE price from a garage sale.......... 10 years ago!!!!!!!!  There was no box-spring with it; only a mattress.  OMGoodness.  10 YEARS without a new mattress;  isn't the going rate usually 8?  And then...who KNOWS how long that mattress had been in the bed prior to us buying it!

In the store when we were shopping around, we learned a LOT about our bed.  Did you know that waterbed frames typically are California King instead of Standard King???    And, when I heard 8" box spring and then 13" mattress on top, I figured.... Gah-REAT!  It'll be a wonderful height!  

Ummmm....... LOL.  Now observe the footstool!!!!!  Yes folks......that's a TALLLLLLL bed for a short lil' runt of 5'3"!  However, Paul absolutely LOVES the height!  He IS 6'6" afterall.

Each of us have now slept in it once (me last night, and Paul today -- he worked night shift again last night.)  He likes it so far -- no back pain.  The jury is still out for me.  It DEFINITELY holds in some heat as compared to our last mattress.  GOOD!  I'm ALWAYS cold!  But, last night was a terrible night of sleep -- and I don't think it had anything to do with the mattress.  Stress at school is rising, and I was dreading what awaited when I returned today :\ #2 from the back of the truck:

My new glider rocker!!!!!!
I typically need to be constantly in motion.  I LOVE rocking!  And I have missed it.  Our last glider has been broken for months, and lately, the rocking simply ceased to exist :\  
In fact, I am rocking away MADLY as I type of this post!  I promise to keep it to a reasonable speed and intensity, though;  I wouldn't want anyone to become motion-sick.

Another "new"bie arrived today!

I don't even remember exactly how a conversation came to be with Nancy (Patchwork Penguin), but... a while ago she made a comment about a sewing machine table attachment (SewEZ???) that she had that should fit my machine.  I gave it a super quick fitting tonight.  Sure seems to fit :)

However..... :\

...see this little attachment that's on my current lil' table that comes with the machine?

It's a seam guide.  A MUCH appreciates and USED seam guide.

With the new table, there isn't a way to attach it.  :(  So..... some thinking will go into a possible arrangement.  Maybe I can get the new table low enough to fit under my current one??  Or... I'll have to look around to see if there are other seam guide options out there for a 440QE (other than taping "the line" or other taped-style solutions).

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Jackie said...

This table looks a lot like the Sew Steady table my husband bought me for my 440. They have a seam guide. It's not quite like what we got with the 440.

Jackie said...
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Amanda said...

I love the footstool! I'd certainly need that to, at exactly 5 foot. I had one of those seam guides with my old machine, but could never work out what to do with it. I don't think I've got one with my new machine; I'll have to go and look.

Linda said...

Lotta changes for you there. We slept on a waterbed for years and finally switched to a regular bed. It took a lot of adjustment for us...I think we are still adjusting and it's been 10 years. I loved my waterbed. Our frame looked like yours and really brought back memories. Your RRCB looks good on it but I'm looking forward to seeing the CS quilt too. I love your rocker. I hope you figure out your table and seam guide thing. I have a table extension but don't use the guide...Have fun and get some rest. I'm trying to be really good and not start any new QAL's but this one seems pretty doable . I'm very tempted too. Have a good one and stay warm!

scraphappy said...

Bonnie Hunter blogged about a seam guide for her Bernina several years ago. Look at this post:

Kevin the Quilter said...

Congrats on your new acquisitions! They look beautiful! And, of course, I LOVE your Roll Roll Cotton Boll!

Bunnie said...

I use the Sew Steady table, very similar to your new table.
This is the seam guide I use.

Good luck!