Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday's putterings

My cutting mat is a disaster right now;  filled with Celtic Solstice units awaiting block creation.  Before I could even dream about starting anything new... the mat needs to be cleared.  And I will NOT simply move piles somewhere else to make new piles;  rather, these units will be my task...
... along with working on Jen's Berquist Beauty layout.

Before heading out fishing, Paul stopped by the mailbox to pick up our mail from the past couple of days.  Are we the only ones who are too busy to NOT check the mailbox everyday????  PLEASE say you happen to go a day or two before saying...."Oh yah, I suppose we should finally get the mail!"

Anyway... there was a package in the mail from The Fatquarter Shop.  I won a little giveaway from Jo's Country Junction, last week;  I was super super surprised when I received an email notification from Jo that I had won.  The prize:  these adorable lil' mini-packs of 2.5" squares.  I may need to make her Moda Bakeshop Candy Wishes quilt now!!!

A bit ago, I received a text from Paul, who is out ice-fishing with the two youngest.

Can you see the fish Candace is holding???  LOL.  That might even be too small to keep for a simple pan-fish.

At the homefront, Cass and I are tidying up a bit now and warming up some left-overs for lunch.  Supper plans consist of a meatloaf using a 1:1 ratio of ground beef and ground sausage.  I haven't used a ground sausage mix in quite awhile, but.... I saw a WHOLE HUGE box of 1-lb ground sausage packages in the chest freezer yesterday;  we gotsta start using some of that up :)

I'm waiting for Cassie to decide if she wants to clean off the table to set up the Ping-Pong game or not.  Until then...'s time to slow down a little bit with my feet up.  Ribbon Afghan will see a row or two added.

Happy Sunday


Andee said...

Sounds like a great day!

Amanda said...

Love the pictures of the girls out fishing, even the cold hasn't dampened their enthusiasm.

soscrappy said...

Ice fishing sounds like a crazy way to spend the day. Brrrr! Hope you got a little bit done on solstice. Your new bed is waiting patiently for it.

Linda said...

The girls looked like they had a good time fishing but I really couldn't see the fish! I hope you had a restful day with your crochet, it looks great.

Deb A said...

I normally go days before thinking to check the mail ( sometimes a week and the postman will come to the door and check on us!) Sounds like you have been busy. Have fun sewing up those blocks.... I'm still on step 2!