Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The race WAS on...

Ten days ago (1/4/14), I arrived home from the last celebration of Christmas with my family.  That day, I had spent an hour shopping fabrics for a quilt for my sister's king size bed.   On the drive home, I set my mind on a crazy challenge:  to finish Jen's quilt in time for it to arrive to her for her January 22 birthday!  14 days to make it;  a few days to allow for shipping....  I could do it, right?!?!?!?!

Early Sunday morning (1/5/14), I was up early, washing and pressing fabrics.  Recall my post?

Berquist Beauty fabrics cut
Behind the blogging scenes in top-secret mode, I had spent much of the day Sunday doing calculations, cutting all the fabrics, and creating all 240 4-patches for the king size quilt AND all 244 HSTs.  That was a LOT of cutting and chain sewing!!!!!!!!!
Some power sewing and cutting
When we were informed that Monday's school (1/6/14) was cancelled due to weather, I pushed and pushed on Sunday even MORE to get as much of the cutting and sewing done as possible.  I was really beginning to think that I may JUST accomplish my challenge, specially with the gift of extra time due to the "cold" day.  Yes!

But, I think I worked and pushed myself too hard on Sunday.  :\ 

On Monday, I was beat.  The basement was SUPER cold that day, and.... I was fighting for energy.  I ended up moving my ironing board to my main floor and was able to manage a two-hour long pressing session to press all 244 HSTs and 240 4-patches that were pieced on Sunday.

When the call came in that afternoon for school being cancelled again for Tuesday (1/7/14, a week ago), I was feeling a little bit better about not utilizing all the additional time I was given on Monday to reach my crazy goal to finish this quilt.

Tuesday's goal:  cut and sew the 240 Tri-Recs blocks.

Tuesday.  Ugh!  I literally did NOTHING!  I perused blogs.  Searched Ravelry.  Did some laundry.  But did NO sewing!  Talk about feeling the guilt settle in :\

Wednesday through Friday brought on a typical crazy, busy schedule;  no sewing time existed.
Saturday was tournament day in basketball for Caitlyn, BUT I was able to sew for a couple of hours (7-9AM) before needing to head out.  LOTS of cutting of the Tri-Rec units.  Oh boy....... the reality of the goal-time finish was starting to fade away;  those Tri-recs take some time!  (Remember clue #1 from Celtic Solstice?)

After returning home from Caitlyn's tournament, I did manage to POWER SEW all of the Tri-Rec units and press!  All blocks units were completed at that point (9PM),  so I spent about an hour's worth of time power sewing 61 blocks; half of the total needed. 

By the end of Saturday night, Berquist Beauty (right) has surpassed the status of my Celtic Solstice (left).  And I was a tired cookie.

Sunday morning arrived, and..... 8:05AM!!!!!!!  Holy cow.  That is actually a LATE waking time for me.  I can't remember the last time I slept that late.
I didn't panic;  but I did fight a little bit of inner guilt when I decided to sit with my feet up with my laptop and cup of coffee for an hour rather than head directly downstairs.

But by 9:15, I was downstairs.  It was a slow start; but I was still determined to push for the finish.  Goal for the day:  finish the remaining 60 blocks, and get the top center completely sewn!

I didn't quite make it.

So now, the reality has set in.  
Ya see, my sister has a totally geeky cool birthday this year!  She turns 44 on the 22nd.  I wanted it to be a super, super, cool birthday with a "double-golden-birthday" present.

She's not a quilter;  you may have read some of her comments from time-to-time.  She's "JB."  
And KNOWING that she's not a quilter, when I posted the Celtic Solstice / "Standard quilt" picture in the previous post {{comparing standard quilt units to a Bonnie-ized quilt unit}}, I really didn't think she'd notice that it was HER quilt that was the "standard" quilt.  
However, from her comment, I am assuming she figured it out.  
I wanted to keep this lil' surprise to myself.  Have I told you yet that I'm the baby sister in the family??  I. DON'T. KEEP. SECRETS.   I can't!  LOL

So, the cat is out of the bag.
AND :(
As badly as I would love to be shipping off a completed king size quilt next Monday in the mail......
I have to accept that it just isn't going to happen. Both girls have basketball tournaments on Saturday, which will only leave Sunday sewing time for me, and maybe some Friday night time (?).  The top center isn't pieced into rows yet;  that's a big undertaking;  11x11 layout, 9" blocks..... :|  
Then the rows need to sewn... then a small (or two small?) borders.  Then backing.  batting.  and king-size quilt quilting!!!!

Jen, I love you.  And I tried!  I want your 44th on the 22nd to be super super cool!  :\  Sadly, it won't be "quilt cool."

Yes, it will be done by next Christmas!  PROMISE!!!  LOL

So now, I will sigh and say I tried to reach a silly crazy goal of finishing a king size quilt in 14 days while teaching full time and being "basketball" mom to boot.  

With my sister's blessing, I'll definitely RELAX and ENJOY a more relaxed time sewing together her quilt.  

Happy Tuesday


Andra Gayle said...

Its a gorgeous quilt, Amy! I totally understand you wanting to get it done and just not having enough time. She will love it anyway!

Quilter Kathy said...

Wow! What a lovely quilt and made in record time!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Amy.........really? WOW!!!! I can't believe you have accomplished as mush as you have ya little Speedy Gonzalez! I love how you drafted Berquist Beauty from Bonnie's CS. It's a great quilt in some great colors! Git-r-done........when you can! LOL

Amanda said...


scraphappy said...

Even you do have your limits. As cool as it would have been, to have ti for her big day, I'm sure it will be done soon enough.

Dee said...

You still got an amazing amount done for such a short time. You're like the Energizer bunny! I also love the fresh colors in this one.

JB said...

OMHeavens Amy! I had no clue on anything until your blog yesterday. My comment about no hurry on my quilt was so that you could feel free to work on anything you wanted. I know how bad your ADHD is because mine is the same way. I didn't want you to feel like you couldn't work on something because you had to get my quilt done. I NEVER would have thought you would have it done by my birthday. I know how much time and effort goes into your quilts (even though I'm not a quilter - LOL). I am simply AMAZED, not only that you started it, but at how far you have gotten. I love you!!

Andee said...

It is the thought that counts, and you tried..will be a fun family story for years to come! Quilt looks fabulous!