Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bonnie - a family event

Monday night, the household schedule was a classic chaotic busy one.

Directly after school, we super-quick needed to head home to feed the animals (dog, ducks, chickens, goats)...AND the girls, all within a 30 minute timespan.  It was then time to super-quick head back to school to have Cassie arrive for her Basketball game warm up period.  At half-time of Cassie's game, I super-quick needed to drive Caitlyn to the Primary school for her practice; and then it was back to the high-school to finish watching Cassie's game.

By the time Cassie's game and the 8th grade game that followed was finishing up, it was time to head out to pick up Caitlyn from her practice, but not before heading to the grocery store super-quick to buy some much needed groceries.

We were home by 7:30, and HUNGRY! (despite having that bite to each almost 4 hours prior).
SO..... PIZZA was on the menu!

While it was cookin' away in the oven, I did some multi-tasking of emptying the dish-washer, loading it, and reading blogs and FB.

By the time I got to Bonnie's (8:00ish), she had just posted she was Quilt-Cammin' it!!!!!  

AS BADLY as I wanted to sew, sew, sew; we all know the reality of THAT wish! ;)

BUT, the girls and I enjoyed listening to her as we ate our late-evening dinner.

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Kevin the Quilter said...

That is so cool! You HAVE to send this photo into Bonnie!