Monday, January 27, 2014

Scrappy Happy Scrappy

With oodles of bonus HST triangles collecting, I figured I would utilize the ol' border standby -- PINWHEELS.  These bonus triangles really do multiply, specially if they don't get used in the quilt that they were created from.  I think many of these are from Oklahoma Backroads from YEARS ago, in addition to... well.... umm.... probably the Star Struck blocks.  

Barely a dent in the box later, I had a couple dozen pinwheels pieced with a few boo-boos to boot.

However, after a simple test run, I wasn't likely 'em much :\   They would finish at 3"; the Star Struck blocks were 8" finished (4" sub-units).  I dunno, but they simply didn't make me feel all warm-n-fuzzy.

Therefore, I walked away.  And went back to the drawing board (ie: Google search) for quilt border treatments.  So much inspiration can be overwhelming the brain waves in matters of minutes with typing a a simple "Quilt border treatments" phrase in the search bar.  Images upon images putting the sense of vision on overload.  Not to mention what it does to the whole ADHD many of us quilters have!
But then, something else was happening to my sense of sight and the brain waves....
and the eyes grew heavy...
And then they closed....for a BRIEF time.  Truly.  Short-n-sweet 15 minute power nap.  

Once alert again with a focus in mind, a simple, 2.5" square scrappy border was started before needing to break for dinner.

As if almost on cue, my cell phone jingled to announce yet another school closing for tomorrow.  When I read that Bonnie was Quilt-Cammin' tonight-----I.  Was.  Like.  Totally. There!
And Paul here was being a goof, reacting with an...." that THEEEE Bonnie??  Oh boy... I can't contain my excitement!  I'm, like, totally Star Struck!"
He actually ventured into my sewing room to ask if my QuiltCam stream would be affected if he were to do some research for some fishing-thing-er-another. considerate of him to ask!  He knew I was looking forward to my Bonnie-time! ;)

Since I have another day off tomorrow to work on Star Struck,  I decided to leave the border laying as it was...

and grabbed some more scraps.  Yup, Alycia!  Total SQUIRREL move tonight!

When I started out with this block of Judy's (January Big-T Scrappy Challenge block), I had plans only of using up some of my blue scraps.  However, not only do I have lots of blue scraps, I also have lots of reds due to my QOVs over the years.  So.... I'll try to wade through some of my RWB scraps throughout the year with Judy's Scrappy Challenge.   

Four Big-T 9" blocks done tonight.
And, although many would call this a scrappy block... I feel like I cheated by using a WHOLE 3.5" square in the center!  I have so few 3.5" scraps in the bins anymore!  But lots of 2" strips!  I had the Companion Ruler all set with some 2" blue strips to make some hour-glass center units, but I was starting to fade by 9:00, so I used the 3.5" squares and called them done.

Goal tomorrow:  
Piece Star Struck into a flimsy.  
Piece a backing for Star Struck.  
Load Star Struck on the frame.

Happy Monday everyone!


Andee said...

How nice to have some unexpected time off work to sew! I envy you that though not the COLD! :) I watched Bonnie too...what a great night!

Amanda said...

Thank goodness for the slight cynicism of husbands for keeping our feet on the ground!

scraphappy said...

Totally envious of your extra days off. Though of course, surviving the cold makes it totally NOT worth it I think. So glad Paul was there for comic relief though. Too funny!

Carol Stearns said...

I'm a Bonnie fan too, especially after attending a 3 day retreat with her this past weekend. We worked on smith Mountain Morning. She has awesome techniques for all of those little pieces! Especially handy rulers that make things easy. I have 3 projects going using the tri-recs and she taught me how better to use the thing. I'll have to quilt cam with her some night.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Love Paul's star struck pic. Enjoy your second day off. I'm leaving at noon. Hoping there will be lots of knitting in my future.

JB said...

Paul is such a goof! Love the star struck layout now. Much better. I also think it would be cool to donate it to the band since it is blue and gold. Enjoy your day. Derek actually started the fire today because we couldn't get the heat to rise in the TV room. Also just trying to get healthy. Hoping for a two hour delay tomorrow to give me a little bit more recoup time.

Alycia said...

Gosh!!! I LOVE that.... you have a nice squirrel LOL

Kevin the Quilter said...

What a great scrappy T block! I usually have the same reaction your hubby has to Bonnie too.......just sayin'! LOL

Val Spiers said...

The simple squares around the pinwheels looks really good. Great choice. Love your scrappy block challenge blocks.