Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Basketball, more snow, more cold...

It really does feel like we've reached the stage of time where everything seems like its stuck on a repeat button.    Yesterday morning, we were able to sleep a few minutes later than a typical day, but were on the road by 8:15 to start the day of basketball...again.

First stop of the day:  4th grade Clayton Basketball Tournament - 49 miles logged.

The team has 9 girls;  two of whom had scheduling conflicts, and another who was hit with one of the many illnesses flying around our school, which brought us down to 6.  These kiddos aren't red-faced for nothing!  LOL.  They plays lots and won their games for a First place finish.  It was just Candace and me in the stands today since Dad was working and Cassie was at her own tournament....

By 1:00, we were on the road, heading to catch the end of Cassie's tournament.

Stop #2 of the day:  7th grade Chippewa Falls tournament -- another 70 miles logged.

This tournament was 10 minutes away from Uncle Travis's house, so he and the family came out to support Cassie when we couldn't be there.  How cool, right?!?!
{{Yes, quite the facial hair there, Trav!!!}}
The competition was STEEP, facing schools and communities much bigger than us.  As a former coach, I understand the reasoning for facing such tough competition.  The girls' schedules are getting super loaded, and..... they're starting to face exhaustion.  Compound that with the illness bugs spreading through the school... there were some tired girls at 6:00 last night! Thankfully, they are mostly still keeping their chins up despite the losses ---- and I think everyone is looking forward to a day OFF today, with some ibuprofin.  


So, after logging another 70 miles to reach home, the circle of traveling for the day was complete.  And everyone enjoyed changing into PJs and snuggling on the couch for relaxing TV entertainment.

My sister's double-golden birthday was this past week.  Clearly, her Berquist Beauty quilt hasn't seen a finish, but I have been using my basketball-bleacher time to make a bright-n-colorful scarf for her.  

The house is only a minor disaster.  Dishes have piled a bit.  Laundry, amazingly, has been kept under control with a few loads here-n-there throughout the week.  I'd love more than anything to just relax a bit today... and I will, without MUCH internal guilt happening.  Of course, there will be a bit of time to spend downstairs with a project or two.

The snow has started coming.  Again.
The extreme cold is returning.  Again.
I honestly can't even tell you how many inches we're expecting, nor what the predicted windchill forecast will be.  It's kinda turned into the norm this winter.  A new norm, certainly.  I can't remember the last winter we've had so much accumulated snow.  Winter-sport heaven, though!  And I have NEVER lived through such an extremely COLD winter.
We have shelter.  We have warm clothing.  We have heat, despite the LP shortages, thanks to our stockpile of wood and the wood furnace.

We just continue pressing the repeat button... living for those moments when life veers a bit for memorable moments.  Right? :)


Regina said...

Hi Amy. I know what a golden birthday is but what is a double golden birthday? I don't want to miss out on a day I'm supposed to be celebrating! Hahahahaha.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am exhausted reading about your life Amy.
Hope you have some time for slow stitching today.

Andee said...

So glad you are keeping warm and the girls are enjoying basketball season! My daughter was on the Chippewa Falls Dance team for three of her four hs years and I fell in love with high school basketball since she performed at half time! I do remember those cold winter days...whoot whoot for plenty of heat!

scraphappy said...

Hoping for a snow/cold day so that you have a chance to restock your batteries. I'm right there with you though. Deep breath and on to what is next.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Is Uncle Travis related to Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer???? JK