Saturday, June 15, 2013

Batty experience!


Allow me to set the scene for you......

It's dark out.  A beautiful morning moments away.  Windows open in the house, allowing a cooling breeze to blow through.
And she sleeps.
Blissfully in the deep slumber of sleep.
Dreaming of the quilts to be made this summer....light fabrics, plaids (for you Alycia), summery colors, 2" strips, 3" HSTs...ahhhhh....., completely in a state of relaxation.... suddenly be BOLTED awake by the light flutter of wings.

It's like my brain asked and answered all these questions in a nano-second......
That's not a normal sound.
What could be making that sound?
At night?
In the dark?

Because I'm SERIOUS!!!!!  I can't believe that such a "whisper" of a sound, made my eyeballs POP open!
The realization of what could be making that "whispering wing flapping sound" lead down only ONE path!  
Cuz there ain't no bird gonna be flying around my bedroom at 3:30 in the morning!

Oh, you cute and adorable little creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, what'd I do????  
First, I wished that Paul was home.  Sadly, he's working night shift! :\

Second, I just laid there, frozen, quilt drawn up to my chin...listening.....
...afterall, nothing can see you or hurt you when safely covered up by a quilt.  I's like a bullet-proof vest!

And then the wing flutters sounded again!

So, in stealth-like manner, I slowwwwwwwly reached for my glasses.   Slowwwwwwwly started uncovering the layers of sheets and quilts....

and BOLTED for the bedroom door, slamming it closed behind me!

Of COURSE, I had to post in FB right away.  And text my husband!  So, with the world and house still DARK, while at the kitchen table, typing away, and updating Paul via text messages.....

The little bleepity-bleepy swooped (there really isn't a better word than swooped!) by my legs. I suppose I could say it "glided" past my legs..... but "glided" is such a beautiful word!  DEFINITELY not a descriptor of this menacing beast!!!!!

You ever see anyone do the freak-out dance?!?!?!?!?!!?    
Just try to get a picture in your head.... (and it's okay to giggle a little bit at what you see), cuz THAT WAS ME baby!


How did it get out of my room?!?!?!  PLEASE don't tell me there's more than one!

I then commenced into turning EVERY light on on the main floor, all the while moving in a crouched position.  I suppose I could say I looked like a lioness, ready to POUNCE at the very sight of the next swoop!  

Lights on:  Kitchen, Dining, Living, Bedrooms, Loft, Entryway, Laundryroom, Bathroom.  AND, I grabbed the ever dangerous, but oh-so-terrifying BROOM!  So now, this lioness even had a WEAPON!

Watch out Mr. Bat!

And now.  I sit.  Keeping eyes in lookout mode! Wondering where the little bugger is!  Wondering how the little bugger got into the house!
I have a feeling it saw me grab the broom and decided it should try to keep its life for at least one more day, because I haven't seen it since it flew up into the loft area.

And guess who works the next TWO nights ?!?!?!!?!?!?   Paul.
So, guess who will be sleeping on the couch with broom ready by her side?????????

Yup.  Me!


Ellen said...

That's horrible...I would have been terrified. Oh..I get the whole thing that it's out there but where!?#@! and it is just waiting to get you. I think I would probably use a helmet with face guard to add to the protection provided by the quilt!

scraphappy said...

Oh no! Not a fun thing to be doing at 3 in the morning. I hope you can figure out how he got in. Great story though -- I was right there with you and your broom while you were telling it.

Deb A said...

Batty experience - I was thinking quilt batting! I remember my Dad saying - just cover your heads and go back to sleep when a bat got in out at camp. 3/4 ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms and he'd be going around with a broom trying to get it out of the house.... then I got to thinking of the movie 'The Great Outdoors' with John Candy from Ellen's comment with the helmet.
Just think of it as a bird that fly's at night. Might help =).

Pat said...

I am unreasonably terrified of bats and I live in an old farm house, so there have been way too many bats. I too can wake up at the first sound.

My husband has come home to all of the lights on in the house, in his words "light up like a Christmas tree".

A tennis racket or oven rack work very welll to get rid of them.

It is hard to find all of the areas that they can come in. After roofing, siding and window replacement we found the last spot and that was the chimney.

Good luck
PB in MN

Judy D in WA said...

Sorry Amy, I'm about to fall off the chair! This brings back memories of being a tween, babysitting and a bat comes to the rescue as I hide under a big blue plastic table cloth. So glad he didn't pick up up and pack you off!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

O!M!G! Thanks for the good laugh this morning! I'm sorry you had to experience this! Your husband fishes right? Surely he has a dip net? You could catch him with that I would bet? Reminds me of the movie "Love at First Bite!"

Melissa said...

The quilt would have been OVER my head, not up to my chin! Luckily we haven't had any, (knock on wood!) in the new house! At our old house we got them a couple times a year. We had a cat that we'd get in the room, she'd have it in a minute or less most of the time! After she died we bought cheap tennis rackets....

Andee said...

Definately a crazy night at your place..I am not nuts for bats, snakes, rats, mice...well much of those kinds of critters. :)

Amanda said...

I'm sorry, I know you must have been really scared at the time, but the thought of you creeping around doubled up (why?) wielding your broom really made me laugh. We get lots of little pipistrelle bats flying around the house, but there are no windows or doors open by the time they arrive, far too chilly in the evenings.